Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New Cover

Look what I found while browsing Amazon at the weekend - it's the Presents Extra cover of my next book - The Devil and Miss Jones.

It's a good cover - and it shows the Argentinian estancia setting of the second half of the book - but I was hoping for a cover with the evocative scene at the opening of the story  - the one that gave me my title for this novel.
But maybe the UK cover will come closer. I don't have any copy of that cover yet to show you - but I'll post it here as soon as I do.

You may have seen all the fuss and excitement about Sweetie and Sunshine, the two giant pandas and their arrival at Edingburgh Zoo. The TV coverage has been extensive - and Charlie the Maine Coon has loved every minute of it! He sits up and takes notice when ever the panadas appear on the television, watches intently while they are on - and goes back to sleep when the next item appears.

I wonder if Sweetie and Sunshine know that they have such a great feline fan. We'll have to hope that they do mate so that he can have some baby pandas to watch in the future


Rachael Johns said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS and I LOVE the title!

Romance Reader said...

Beautiful cover!

Unknown said...

Lovely cover and I think the title is intriguing, look forward to reading it. Thanks for the prize - arrived yesterday, lots of nice books for a cuddle up and read in front of the fire.

Maria said...

Cats are my favourite animals. They have so much intelligence.

Thank you Kate, for the book (The Good Greek Wife) which you sent me. My mother brought it over.


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