Saturday, July 27, 2013

40 for 40 - Anna Louise Lucia.

Remember the post from Julie Cohen?  I'm sure you do -
well, the day I met Julie Cohen was also the day I met Anna Louise Lucia. I struck lucky that day - I met two of my dearest friends and  'adopted' two 'cyber -daughters'  in the same 24 hours.  It was Anna who sparked this off by addressing me as 'Mum' in an internet chat before we met.  That was when I was working with an internet writing group called the Gonnabeez - who honoured me with the title of their Queen Bee. Which  is why Anna is also the only person who has actually curtsied to me when we first me!

Anna recalls that I supported her early struggles with writing - well, that's something I love doing.
When I find someone who has talent. And Anna has talent. She has had two romantic thrillers published - Run  Among Thorns and Dangerous Lies.  But right now she's busy with a new and wonderful job - that of being mother to a gorgeous, active two year old.   -Who is one of the inspirations behind her post.

Welcome Anna

Everyone should have two mums.

Okay, so I'm biased.  As an adoptive parent I would be!  I hope that as he grows up, the two-year-old will feel blessed to have had not one, but two mums who loved him very much.

I've felt the benefit of double-mumming myself.  When I was a lost and lonely writer, just starting out, wet behind the ears and beginning to make friends in the online writing community, Kate stepped in and 'adopted' me as my Cyber Mum.  She gave and gave.  Time, advice, affection and hands-on assistance I can never repay, but will never forget.

Before long we met in person and I made the acquaintance of the legendary Babe Magnet.  He was just as easy to love as Kate herself.  We all stayed in each other's houses, cried on each other's shoulders, cheered each other on, ate good food and drank too much wine (allegedly).  She wouldn't let me fail at writing, and was there to help celebrate when I sold my first book.  My Cyber Mum opened her arms and house to me at one of the darkest times in my life, when I was more than a little bit broken.  And she was there to cheer the roof down when I mended, and when the two-year-old came home to his new mummy and daddy.

So congratulations Kate and the Babe Magnet.  And especially thank you for being Cyber Mum.

Do you have someone who gives you that extra bit of 'mum' (or 'dad!) once in a while?

You can catch up with Anna at The Heroine Addicts blog or on Twitter.
PS From Kate:
Because Anna is busy concentrating on giving her time to being a mum, she doesn't have a personal  give away. But I said I'd offer one in her place.
So whoever Anna picks from the comments will win  their choice of one of my backlist.


Laney4 said...

I used to....
A woman I called Mom passed away last November at 94; still "had it upstairs" and miss her tremendously.
My MIL has Alzheimer's, so I've been missing her for several years now; she did a great great job of "being there for me" (until the Alzheimer's struck).
Any woman who has close relationships with other women, I think, is blessed, and I am VERY blessed.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely comment, Laney - I think you're completely right. Many hugs to you for missing your two Moms - I'm glad you've been so blessed.


bn100 said...

Nice post; not really

Mary Preston said...

I seem to be the one doing the mothering. I do have very strong maternal instincts. I think this is why I have always worked with children, as well as having my own.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for being there for them, then, Mary! What fortunate kids. :)


Tiffiny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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