Monday, July 15, 2013

40 for 40 - Lovecats or the one that got away!

Being at the wonderful - but HOT  - Romantic Novelists' Association  conference - involving,  long interesting and stimulating days, a gala dinner,  several late nights, lots of talking and a little wine taking  - then travelling home and  unpacking - has left me tired and a little brain scrambled - and we have a family celebration tonight.

So the timetable for the 40 for 40 has gone a little awry - today's post is not what I thought it would be and you'll find it over on LoveCats Downunder.

I was delighted  and honoured to be chosen as one of LoveCats' 'Legends' the series of blogs spotlighting authors of over 50 romances.  It was particularly thrilled to find that this  series puts me in the illustrious company of the wonderful; Helen Bianchin, Valerie Parv, and Robyn Donald, all of whom were authors I read and loved back before I was ever published. Authors I learned such a lot from too.

But I was expecting this post to appear on  Wednesday - so I'm a bit late in  letting you know it's there today. And today's post and (very) special guest has been  hastily moved to the slot on the 17th I thought was Lovecats' .  Luckily the writer of that post has easily agreed to the move.

So that's where today's post it - and there's a give away to - a signed copy of A Throne for The

See you there.


Mary Preston said...

I always enjoy my visits to LoveCats DownUnder.

Celeste said...
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