Monday, July 29, 2013

40 for 40 winners!

I have two more winners to announce -

Liz Fenwick's winner is Just another Bloke!

Susan Stephens'  winner is Mary Preston!

Can winners contact me- current ones and ones I've announced already  - perhaps ask for a read receipt to make sure you message has gone through - at kate AT -and I will forward your details/postal address etc to the donor of your prize.

Please also remember that while I'm having so much fun . . . ahem . . .working hard at teaching Writing Romance at Writers' Holiday that I might not get to you response immediately  but I will deal with it as soon as I'm home.

And for those of you who have asked about Charlie - thank you. His wound has healed up really well and he is  currently being looked after by the Offspring and his lovely Fianc√©e. He goes for a check up tomorrow and hopefully will be able to have the collar taken off then. Fingers crossed!

1 comment:

Mary Preston said...

Thank you. I have emailed Susan directly with the email she provided in the comments.


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