Monday, July 22, 2013

40 for 40 - Nell Dixon

Today's special guest post comes from lovely Nell Dixon. Nell is another of those  friends I've made through the RNA - and in particular  through my 'RNA Virgins' scheme.

I'm so thrilled and delighted that like so many in that group Nell went on to be published - multi-published - and not only that she has  won the RNA's RONA Rose award twice.   That's a great achievement.

I missed seeing Nell at RNA this year as she was unable to attend - so I'm specially  pleased to have her as my guest here  on  the blog.

Welcome Nell!

Many congratulations Kate and the Babe Magnet on your special anniversary!

You both look far too young to have been married for 40 years.

 Mr Nell and I have some catching up to do! We've been married28 years now and we met at school so I've known Mr Nell since I was 11. That's actually a bit scary when I think about it.

This is a rare snap of us both together when Animal Instincts won a Rona Rose award a couple of years ago. Usually Mr Nell takes the pictures and I attempt to avoid being photographed at all.

  Anniversaries are always special times. Time to remember the wedding, everyone who was there. The things that went wrong! In our case, a stand in organist with no sense of musical timing.  The really lovely parts, for us it was signing the register in church in front of everyone and then the photographs outside. These were memorable as Mr Nell has a large family and our vicar had to stand on top of one of the large flat topped tombstones to wave everyone into position so the photographer could get his snapshot.  That picture in our album still makes us smile!

Anniversaries should bring happy memories so I hope Kate, that you and Steve will go on to have many more wonderful memories and happy years together. Love Nell xx
Nell Dixon's website
 Nell's facebook page

To help the celebrations I'd like to offer a pdf copy of The New Bay box set. This is up for a random drawing from the answers to this question:

When Mr Nell and I married, it was May and we filled the church with Daffodils, my favourite flower. My bridesmaids wore yellow Edwardian style dresses with white picture hats and fingerless lace gloves.

Our best man was a close friend who had to coach it down from Cardiff where he was at university. There was a strike and he almost missed the wedding.

If you could choose a celebrity to be your best man or chief bridesmaid as a stand-in, who would you pick and why?

Welcome to New Bay where the waves are perfect and the town is quaint. Delve into Nell Dixon's complete New Bay series and meet the people that have made a place in everyone's heart. Includes: Making Waves, September Song, A Cornish Christmas, Easter Holiday and New Bay Wedding – 5 Fantastic stories.

  Available at or Amazon Uk and also on Nook, Sony, Smashwords etc.


Catherine Bennett said...

Your New Bay Series sounds wonderful!!!
All the Best!

Patricia Kiyono said...

Congratulations on 40 years together! It looks like you will have to update your bio on Amazon - it only gives you credit for twenty-five!. I read Making Waves, so now I'll need to make time for the rest of the series. Well done!

Kelly Martin said...

Such a cute picture of you two!!! Great post :)

Joselyn Vaughn said...


bn100 said...

Betty White because she seems nice


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