Friday, July 26, 2013

The Glamorous Life of The Lady Novelist - Part 2

So, as you know, I'm heading for Writers' Holiday this weekend.
I'm teaching the course The Complete Introduction to Writing Romance in the second half of the week.


I say luckily - that it's the second half of the week - because my travel plans aren't quite going as expected. Usually I break the journey on the way to stay overnight  so that I arrive fresh and ready to teach.  I should be heading out today - but I'm not.

What happened?  
Charlie the Maine Coon  happened.

He arrived home after a long time in the garden, with blood dripping from his neck. So I spent time in the vets' emergency  room instead of ironing and packing.

And then I spent lots of money on anaesthetics, antibiotics  - and stitches.

Oh and the collar - the protective collar. 

So now I'm still at home, watching to make sure he doesn't pull his stitches out -  keeping him indoors  and bathing his wound  twice a day. (It looks like he caught it on a nail or something - too deep for a scratch even from an aggressive cat.)

And Charlie hates the collar, hates being indoors - and he's bored.
 He should be fine in a couple of days but right now,  instead of being on a leisurely trip to Wales, I'm still here.

Oh well, it gives me time to finish the ironing . . .

Next post will be back to 40 for 40 and today's special guest.


Michelle Styles said...

Oh poor him and the collar of shame. I hope he gets well soon.

Sally said...

Ah, poor pussy cat. I hope he feels better very soon. Have a great time away on your course.

Eli Yanti said...

Hope he is getting well soon.

Mary Preston said...

Poor Charlie & poor you!!!


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