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40 for 40 - Lynn Raye Harris.

I can remember so clearly when I first saw today's guest, Lynn Raye Harris.  She was a finalist in the 2008 Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest, and then the winner of the Harlequin Presents Instant Seduction contest.  At that year's RWA Conference I was at a Harlequin event when I saw her standing against on the opposite side of the room - that long blonde hair is  so recognisable - so I went up and introduced myself.  She had had the news that she had won the Instant Seduction contest but she was in the throes  of revisions - and more revisions.  I know that one of the things I said was to reassure her that revisions were a part of life, not the end of the world.  The book would work - and it did. That was the story that became Spanish Magnate; Red Hot Revenge which was published in August 2009.

Since then I've met up with Lynn too rarely but it's always been fun. We've bonded over fries and garlic mayo in  Washington. She's charmed my husband at several dinners in London. And I've met her delightful, handsome husband when he came to London with her for AMBA. And in the meantime, that one difficult book has  been the start of what is now a successful, almost twenty book career.  I missed seeing Lynn at RWA this year - so I'm delighted to welcome her onto my blog today.

Here's Lynn -

I’m so thrilled to be here sharing with Kate and the Babe Magnet in their monumental anniversary month!  Though I live in America, I am lucky enough to say I’ve spent time with Kate and her wonderful husband – and my husband and I even got to have dinner with them on one lovely October night in London!  Yay!

So I thought I’d tell you how I met my husband.  It was a long time ago and I was seventeen.  He was nineteen.  Though we are both American, we met on a U.S. military base in Germany.  I’d just moved there with my family.  Mr. Harris (as I always refer to him online) was at his very first military assignment as a new recruit.

Oh, we were young.  So young.  I might have never met him except that my next-door neighbor was dating his roommate, and one night when we were at a dance at the Officer’s Club, she asked me to pop over to the barracks with her to see if her boyfriend was home.

He was not, but Mr. Harris was.  We woke him up, in fact.  He was a mid-shift worker and on an odd schedule.  It was kind of an awkward meeting, poor thing, as he was groggy.  But just about an hour later, he showed up at the club with my neighbor’s boyfriend, wide-awake and with that particular gleam in his eye that said he was interested in me.  (The neighbor’s boyfriend was too, but that’s another story.)

Was it love at first sight?  No.  He was cute though.  Tall, green eyes, brown hair, and absolutely hilarious.  He made me laugh and he looked hot in uniform.  When he worked up the courage to ask me out a couple of weeks later, I said yes.

The rest, as they say, is history.  We’ve moved around the world together and had a lot of fun.  I
wouldn’t change a thing.  In just a few days, on the 26th of July, it will be the 28th anniversary of the day we met.  I can hardly believe it!

To celebrate all these lovely anniversaries, I’m going to give away an ebook.  My very first military romantic suspense is out right now, yay!  I’ve finally put all those years with the military to good use. 

To be entered to win, just leave a comment and tell me if you like a guy in uniform…


Here’s a little bit about HOT PURSUIT –

The last man she ever wanted to see…

Evie Baker’s luck just ran out. Thanks to an ex-partner with organized crime ties, she’s lost her restaurant, her money, and nearly all her self-respect. Forced to return to her hometown and work as a shampoo girl in her mother’s salon, she doesn’t think her luck can get any worse.

But then someone starts shooting at her, her sullen baby sister is suddenly missing, and the high school heartthrob who stole her heart—and her virginity—is the only man big enough and bad enough to help.

Might be the only one who can save her…

Captain Matt “Richie Rich” Girard can’t afford to get involved. He’s already on the verge of a court-martial after a Top Secret op gone wrong, and he’s been ordered to stay out of trouble while he’s home for his sister’s wedding.

But when Evie’s ex-partner turns up dead, staying out of trouble is the last thing on Matt’s mind. He failed Evie once before; he can’t fail her again. If he’s going to protect her from a killer, and find her sister before time runs out, he’ll have to risk his entire future—and both their lives—to do it.

Things are about to get HOT in the bayou!

Come visit me at www.LynnRayeHarris.com for more information on all my books!
You can buy Hot Pursuit here:



Rachael Thomas said...

Hi Lynn. I love your books and have read them since that first winning book from the Instant Seduction competition and I'd love to read your military hero.
Do I love a man in uniform? Oh yes, sadly my man's uniform is farm overalls! Not quite a girls fantasy!!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thank you, Kate! It's lovely to be here with you, and I look forward to the time we can meet again!

And thank you so much Rachael for your kind comments! Hey, I'm sure overalls can be sexy too! :)

bn100 said...


Anonymous said...

Great interview!!!
YES uniforms are AWESOME!!!
This is a must read for me.

Eli Yanti said...

Guys in uniform is great looking :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Yay, so glad we have some uniform-loving gals here! :)


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