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40 for 40 - Dee Tenorio

My very first guest is Dee Tenorio I first met lovely Dee on line when she was a host at eHarlequin. We chatted a lot in the forums. Then we IMed each other and finally - finally - we met at RWA Conference in New York. 

I have one very special thing to thank Dee for - and that is that without her I would never have written or published the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance.  That happened because we were once having an IM discussion about writing for Presents   and I said/wrote 'There are 10 things you need to know about writing for Presents  and - off the top of my head - I listed the 10 important points, with notes about them all.  Luckily I kept those notes and I added an extra two points  and when I realised that these points  could actually be used for all romance writing not just Presents, I expanded them and so the 12 Point Guide was born.

Thanks Dee!

And thank you too for launching my very special 40 for 40 celebration!

Still In Love After All This Time...   Dee Tenorio

"You guys are so cute. It’s kind of sickening.”

 Ah, yes, the supportive words of a friends and family that I hear at most family events. After twenty-some years together, you’d think they’d be used to it, but no. Every event, someone finds a reason to say it. We gross them out." How?, you might ask. I mean, we’re not lewd or anything. Tempting as it is, I don’t pat him on the butt whenever he passes by. We have yet to make folks super-ill by making out in public (though, it could happen folks! You know we never want you to feel safe or anything!).

Nope, all we do is treat each other nicely. He’ll bring me a drink after holding my chair for me. We still hold hands most everywhere we go. Sometimes, we lean in and tell each other stuff in whispers so as not to bother people or just for a private giggle. Apparently, after twenty some years, we should be over that. Like, totally. Snort.

Maybe there’s something wrong with us, but if there is, in the immortal words of Luther Ingram, I don’t wanna be right. I mean, wasn’t that the whole point of marrying my best friend? So we could enjoy each other’s company and have private jokes and hold hands and treat each other like precious parts of our hearts forever? *scratches head* Well, that’s why I got married anyway. :) And I hope that when my husband and I reach 40 years, we’re still able to play, to tease, to flirt. To smile at each other. At the thought of each other.

I hope that we’re as happy together as you are with your hubby, Kate. I hope we, too, never stop being a man and his bride. Because that’s a true romance story. It’s what we all long for and I’m so glad that’s what the two of you have.

Wishing you another 40 years filled with happiness. With joy and love, come good or bad, rain or shine, and what the hey, go ahead and throw a little inappropriate public displays of affection, just cause you have every right! Congratulations to you both!

Much love, Dee

TIM_300PS — what kind of guest poster would I be if I didn’t throw a little giveaway in? Just for fun! So, answer the following question in the comments and be entered in a drawing for a copy of my upcoming release from Samhain Publishing, "Trust In Me"! (It’s about an old-fashioned Viking-kind-of-guy who falls like a redwood for a sassy, absolutely-not-having-it lingerie designer from the shop across the street. She’s got secrets, but he’s got determination. I have to warn you, this one may require a lot of tissues. And, uh...a fan. Just sayin'.) Ready for the question? Here it goes: What's the funniest thing you've ever seen at a wedding? Winner will be chosen randomly from the commenters so it's not about the funny—though I'd love to laugh my head off! Have at it, folks! Let's get the party started!

About the Author: Dee Tenorio is a sick woman. Really sick. She enjoys tormenting herself by writing Contemporary Romance (preferably with sexy, grumpy heroes and smart-mouthed heroines) and sizzling, steamy romances of various genres spanning dramas with the occasional drop of suspense all the way to erotic romance. But why does that make her sick? Because she truly seems to enjoy it. And she has every intention of keeping at it!

If you would like to learn more about Dee and her work, please visit her website at Dee’s next book, "Trust In Me"—Book 5 in her Rancho del Cielo Romance series— releases July 23rd from Samhain Publishing.


Dee Tenorio said...

Awww, thanks Kate! I'm always glad to be the impetus for good things! I'm so glad to be part of your celebration. Wishing you two the best anniversary month ever!

Much love,

bn100 said...

Haven't seen anything funny at a wedding

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Caroline said...

Ohhh I've been looking forward to this Kate! 40 years married is just fantastic. Best wishes to you and the Babe Magnet on your special day when it comes.

Thank you too, Dee for kicking off what is bound to be 40 great posts as well. Your book sounds great. And in answer to your question about what made me laugh at a wedding. Well, it has to be when the three year old bridesmaid lifted up the long skirt of the bride during the wedding photos and hid underneath. She said later she did it because she was tired and wanted to go somewhere quiet to sleep. Bless!

Dee Tenorio said...

CUTE!!! And you know, that was probably the best place to go--shade and no one but no one is coming in to get you, lol!

Mary Preston said...

I can't believe I haven't read anything by Dee Tenorio yet. Thank you for the introduction.

The funniest thing I saw at a wedding was the bride dressed in black. She took to the notion that black was slimming, but I'm sorry to say that no color was going to slim her down.

Eli Yanti said...

The funny thing happen when my friend wedding : to take the bride from her house (this is chinese wedding tradition) he has to pass the test given by the bridemaids as like eating 5 foods with different tastes : sweet, spicy, sour, salty etc and looking his face when taste all of the foods were so funny. I just hope I can post the video :)

Btw congrts on Anniversary Kate :)

Kaelee said...

Hi Dee! It's wonderful to "see" you here. I read your post yesterday but couldn't think of funny things that happened at a wedding although I know I've laughed at a lot of them.

I'll reach way back to my wedding when I was late to the ceremony because my niece didn't want plain white flowers in her basket and refused to wear her socks. The minister talked sports with my husband and his brother, the bestman while he waited for us to show up. then I had to literally push my flowergirl niece down the aisle in front of me. Later in the ceremony my matron of honor,my sister, had to rescue her crying son from her husband and bounce him in her arms. the minister said that babies were part of life and marriage, a blessing to look forward to.

Kate Walker said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for giving Dee a lovely welcome and sharing your funny memories of weddings. I love the idea of the little tired bridesmaid hiding under the bride's dress.
Mary - I'm glad I've introduced you to Dee - sorry about the book buying budget - but then who can budget when buying books?
Eli - that poor bridegroom. I hope he had a very happy wedding day after he'd passed all the tests!

Kaelee, I'm smiling at the idea of the minister talking sports - and the bridesmaid again - it's right, children are a part of a wedding. I know when my younger sister married, the ceremony had started when there was a flurry at the church door - one of my other sisters and her 2 boys arriving late. In the silence, a small boy's voice said 'We've been here before' (they'd been to my wedding 6 months before) 'And we had to wait a long time for the cake!'

Thank you all again for your congratulations!

Dee Tenorio said...

Sorry for the day I was missing, gang. I was tied up with a really bad leg and wasn't online.

The funniest thing to happen at one of our weddings was my sister's this year. Our niece in OK was being Facetimed so she could watch and there was a spot of silence in the ceremony, broken by her voice (now echoing in the quiet) "Can you move me a bit to the LEFT?"

LOL, technology and weddings really shouldn't meet. :)

BN--no worries, I'll add you in the drawing anyway, lol. :)

Caroline--I'm STILL smiling at the sleepy baby bridesmaid, lol.

Mary--Really?? BLACK?? That seems so...depressing! Glad to be introduced to you!

Eli--lol, I'm picturing if my husband had to run the gamut of my sisters testing him. I mean, he kinda did because we all grew up together, but my sisters are MEAN, lol. He'd never have let them blindfold him, lol.

Kaelee--I'm picturing you shoving this kid forward one foot at a time, lol. That HAS to go in a book!


(who will do the drawing tomorrow, so you have all day to leave messages still!)

Kate Walker said...

Dee, love - I'm sorry but now I'm picturing you tied to a bad-tempered looking leg with a scowl . . .Best laugh I've had all day!

Thank you for being here


(Hope your really bad leg is better now!)

Dee Tenorio said...

Well, the leg is still attached, which I'm telling myself is a good thing, lol. Most of my limbs have decided to stage a coup, so if you hear that I'm missing, it's that they're holding me hostage. :)

Okay, I am the queen of late but I do have a winner! After a random draw, Mary Preston takes it with the Bride in Black! Email me at AuthorDeeTenorio at to claim your prize! :)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and Kate, thanks for having me! :)

Much love!

Christi said...
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