Tuesday, July 09, 2013

40 for 40 - coming up

There's still time to tell Jane Jackson  your answer to her question and be in with a chance to win her prize. And today's guest blog will be appearing soon.

Coming up - I need to tell you about a change in the line up for the next week or so - I originally announced that my guest for the 10th would be Fiona Harper - well,  there's been a bit of a reshuffle and now my guest tomorrow will be crime novelist Zoe Sharp - and Fiona will be here in a week.

So the line up for this week will be:
Historical novelist Louise Allen
Crime writer  Zoe Sharp
Historical novelist Anna Campbell
Medical, RIVA, Romance (you name it!) writer  Kate Hardy
Romance writer Donna Alward
And then a special guest or two  . ..!

I hope you'll keep coming back to meet my friends, learn about their books, and  join in the party.

1 comment:

Mary Preston said...

I'm busy adding authors and books to my reading list. All fabulous thank you.


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