Sunday, July 14, 2013

40 for 40

Once upon a time . . . . .
Forty years later . . .
I have some books to give away today.  The winners will receive  a signed copy of their choice from my backlist.  So all you have to do is to help the Babe Magnet and I celebrate.
Just leave a note in the comments, telling me about your wedding - or the last wedding you went to - or just say hello and tell me how you're enjoying the party! And when I get back from the RNA Conference, I'll get Charlie the Maine Coon to pick a winner or two.


charlotte mcfall said...

Congratulations on your 40th wedding anniversary.

Paul and I made the decision to get married in Las Vegas. Family arguments meant that our wedding would turn into a three ring circus and not about us.

Standing outside the excalibar casino another tourist wanted to take our picture and a little girl wanted to say hello to the bride. when the limo turned up i felt like a princess. it was the best day of my life and our family here watched it live over the internet but it was our day. xx

Laney4 said...

Lovin' the party, Kate; hope you're lovin' the conference, as well as your whole month of celebrations (great idea!).
What I remember most about our wedding was coming down the aisle on my dad's arm, with my dad more nervous than I was (and tearing up) and my husband sweating buckets (re no air conditioning in his "penguin suit") but still smiling ear to ear while waiting for me/us.

Caroline said...

Massive congratulations kate and the babe magnet. Here's to the next 40. Have a great day both of you. Caroline x

Janet Laurence said...

Dear Kate,
Late as always, I completely lost sight of your extra special 14th July celebration. What can I say? Just that you are the most lovely couple, gold standard all the way through, loving and supportive just as wife and husband should be. Don’t know you as parents but am sure that you are the same there too.
I had a lovely marriage. We met at a barbeque and were introduced by his best friend saying, ‘Keith was best man at my wedding, I was best man at his, and I’ll be best man at his second.’ And so it came to pass! Keith is never far from my thoughts and his son gives me splendid support and I love my grandchildren and former step-daughter-in-law, we remain close, which is wonderful. What you, Kate, have taught me is the bringing of that love into creative writing. Love in all its aspects runs as a sub-text in DEADLY INHERITANCE, my historical crime novel that came out last year.
I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful day – and as soon as I post this, I shall look up your blog and be heartily ashamed I didn’t get myself organised better!
Lots of love

PS Sent this first as an e-mail, then accessed the website and found I found I could leave a message on it - so here it is!

bn100 said...

Congrats! Fun party

Cathy Shouse said...

We went to my niece's wedding in Louisville in May. Lovely couple and a beautiful ceremony. The secondary cake was for IU (Indiana University). They were both born in Indiana and will live here.

Mary Preston said...

I am enjoying the party thank you!! So much fun to hear all the stories.

I was thinking about my brother's wedding the other day. I travelled by air from one end of the country to the other with two small children. We went from freezing cold in the south to hot and tropical up north. I had to strip the poor children down to their undies in the car park. The ENTIRE family stayed in a rented house for the week. It was a blast. The wedding too.

Eli Yanti said...

The last party I went was my co-worker friend wedding, nothing special actually just dinner and take a pic with the bride :)

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Many congratulations to both of you on your special anniversary.

As I mentioned in an earlier 40 for 40 post, I had a church wedding, a civil marriage and a Hindu marriage. For the Christian marriage, I wore a white and biscuit shalwar suit with a white dupatta (veil). For the Hindu marriage, I wore a red sari. For the civil marriage, a pale pink shalwar suit. We celebrate our marriage anniversary on the 11th December as that was the date of our first ceremony - the Hindu marriage. 19 years complete this year.

I'm loving this party.


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