Sunday, July 21, 2013

40 for 40 - Winners so far

With 40 for 40 at the halfway point, I’m going to recap on the  guests and their winners so far.

It’s up to the winners to contact me – see the email link at the base of this page  or kate AT kate-walker DOT com

So -  the first 20 guests have been

Dee Tenorio     - Winner   Mary Preston

Holly Jacobs    -  Winner   Kaelee

Melanie Milburne – Winner  Maria Perry Mohan

Anne McAllister  - Winner  Lois

Sally Quilford  - Winner   Caroline

Michelle Styles  - Winner  Charlotte McFall

Scarlet Wilson – Winner   Laney

Jane Jackson  - Winner Petite

Louise Allen  - Winner  Julie M

Zoe Sharp  (winners announced below)

Anna Campbell  - Winners  Caroline and Cassondra Murry

Kate Hardy   ( winner announced below)

Donna Alward  winner not yet  (announced)

Someone called Kate Walker – Winner Cathy Shouse

LoveCats Downunder  - Winner  Sue McKay

Janet Gover   (Winner not yet announced)

The Babe Magnet (Winner announced below)

Fiona Harper  (Winner not yet announced)

Margaret Mayo (Winner announced below)

Julie Cohen  - contest still open

And  announcing new winners who have been chosen:

A message from Zoe Sharp

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions. Both Kate and I have been away—Kate at the RNA conference and me at the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards. (I was nominated for the Short Story Dagger, but apparently just missed out to the annoyingly talented Stella Duffy!)

But, just in case you thought I’d forgotten about you, I hadn’t. Of course, choosing a winner has been just about impossible, so eventually I stuck everybody’s name into a hat and pulled one out at random.

So, many congratulations to andrew mcbride (I’ve stuck exactly to the way it was written on the blog). If you’d like to contact me, young sir, and let me know a) which book you’d like a signed copy of and b) if you’d like any kind of personal message, that would be great. My email address can be found on my website:

BUT, before everyone else feels disappointed, don’t be. As I said, I thought all the suggestions were terrific, to the point where if Eli Yanti, JulieM, Laney4, traveller, bn100, petite, Christine, Mary Preston, Pippa White, Reine, andrew mcbride, K. A. Laity, Sherilee Nickels, Corine, anotherliz, and AliasMo would also like to contact me I will happily send them an ebook version of one of the Charlie Fox series of their choice.

What a celebration! Congratulations again to Kate and Steve ‘the babe magnet’™ on forty glorious years!
Such a generous offer – Thank you Zoe!

More winners:

Kate Hardy’s winner Is Taylor Skye

The Babe Magnet’s winner is Nas

Margaret Mayo’s winner is Faith  Thomas
All other winners will be announced as soon as the generous writer who donated the prize has contacted me.

You can still answer Julie Cohen’s question and be in  the running for  her prize. And today’s special guest  will be here soon.   So look out for that.

Once again my special thanks to every one of these generous friends/authors who have joined in the celebrations for me and the BM. I hope you've enjoyed meeting them - and look forward to the guests I still have coming up.


Mary Preston said...

The time has just flown. I can't believe we are half way through already.

Mary Preston said...

I forgot to say thank you to Zoe Sharp. Most generous thank you.

Nas said...

Wow! I also won? Many thanks! So excited!


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