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40 for 40 - Margaret Mayo

I can't recall a time when I wasn't reading Margaret Mayo books. Right back at the beginning when I was first learning all  I could about M&B romances,  they were there, and recently I had the delight of being present when Margaret was  presented with her award for her 75th book - such an achievement.    I once went to an early AMBA meeting - my second I think - at her house where she and her lovely husband provided a delicious buffet for  her writing friends.  

 And now she's waiting for the publication of her 80th title! Such an achievement.

So I'm delighted to welcome her to my blog  today.

Here's Margaret  -

First of all congratulations to Kate on reaching such a milestone.  It’s something of a rarity these days, so well done Kate and Steve.

It’s an honour contributing to such a special occasion and I thought I’d tell you how I met my own husband, actually even more years ago than Kate met hers.

One Sunday afternoon my friend and I went for a walk in a local park.  We stopped to watch people rowing on the boating lake and this couple of guys slowed down and asked if we’d like to join them.

I looked at my friend, she looked at me, and we nodded. There was nothing to worry about regarding strangers in those days.  We climbed over the very low fence (much higher now – health and safety reasons) and got into the boat. “Which one do you like?” my friend whispered. I nodded towards one of them and we each sat by the one we ‘fancied’.

Afterwards, when their session was over we all went for a walk and very soon began dating. We used to go out as a foursome sometimes and on other occasions on our own. It was love at first sight for me.

After a few months my friend split up with her boyfriend but Ken and I were still going strong.  The rest, as they say, is history.  We are still as much in love now as we were at the very beginning. Much like Kate and her Babe Magnet!

My latest book - A SECRET TOO FAR - is available in all the usual places as an e-book.  On Amazon  and on Smashwords

But, more excitingly, my 80th book will be published soon. I have no title yet but I’m really excited, especially as I’m going to be giving away a free copy of my very first book with it.

For a giveaway, Margaret is offering one of her Mills & Boon Romances
To be in with a chance of winning - please answer this question
How did you meet your husband?  Was it at a party?  A blind date?  At a friend's house?  We'd love to know.
Margaret will pick the most interesting answer and the commenter will win a copy of the book.


Laney4 said...

My husband was a friend of my parents' next-door neighbours, so I "saw him from afar". I had broken up with my boyfriend in mid August of 1980 and was visiting my hometown Labour Day weekend. I had just picked up a prescription downtown and was walking back to my parents' place when I saw my "husband's" car, so I pretended to window shop until he came out of the nearby restaurant/coffee shop (as I just knew he was in there). He saw me and offered me a ride back to my parents' place, eventually asking me to go to the show with him that night. The following day we went on a "CBers' convoy" to see the changing leaves up north, with my husband joining my parents and me in my parents' motor home. Being 10 years my senior, my husband could relate well with my parents and I got bored with their talk at the front, so I went back to the kitchen table, promptly fell asleep, and slid onto the floor. Despite this, I was asked on more dates. He bought my ring in mid October and presented it to me on Christmas morning in front of my parents. My mom said "yes, of COURSE she'll marry you", but I said I'd have to think about it. I was 21 and we'd been dating less than 4 months - much too soon for me to have even considered such a thing. Two days later I said yes, and we wed in July 1981 when the plant shut down where he worked.
Our 32 years has whipped on by; hard to believe my husband will be a senior citizen next year....

Mary Preston said...

I was dragged along to a party by my sister. The Mister was dragged there by a friend. Neither one of us wanted to be there, so we left and went for a drive. After that night he spent a week trying to find me. He eventually tracked me down. (Today I would think crazed stalker.) We dated for about three years & kind of drifted into marriage. No big proposal.

Taylor Skye said...

My hubby ran computer courses, his charity project used rooms in my sons schools. When we first met we were both in relationships and struck up a friendship of sorts, we could chat for ages when i should have been doing the course.

Eventually my relationship broke up and then two years later his own marriage ended. We had a really good friendship, when he asked me to go for lunch I didn't know what to do because he had just split up with his wife,So I asked my mums advice and she told me to go.
i didn't want to be a rebound date but decided to see it as two friends going out for lunch.

The rest you can say is history we have been together for ten years and married for five, he definitely is my prince charming

Faith Thomas said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Hubby and I had our 5 year anniversary yesterday.

My hubby worked with a guy I dated for a short time. We met when I stopped by their work one afternoon. The day my hubby heard we broke up, he called me and asked my out. It took me over a month to agree to see him. I didn't want to go out with him when I was still angry over another guy. I was afraid I'd complain all night. He waited patiently until I was ready.

Three years later, we were married by hubby's daughter.

Christina Hollis said...

That's a lovely story, Margaret. Having seen you and Ken, and Kate and Steve together on numerous occasions, it's no wonder you've all had such happy marriages. The love shines through.
Best wishes to you all!

Caroline said...

I met my DH at work. Not very exciting but it was when I first laid eyes on him ;o) Caroline x

bn100 said...

hasn't happened yet

Kate Walker said...

Hi everyone

Margaret has been reading all the comments and trying to post replies, but they are not coming through - so here is a message from her:

What a lot of lovely comments. It's so interesting to hear how others meet their husbands.

It's interesting how we all meet our soul mates in so many different ways. I think fate must have a lot to do with it. My own parents met as Sunday School teachers.

Keep the comments coming - Margaret is reading them!


Eli Yanti said...

I havenot marriage yet

Tina said...
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