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40 for 40 - Anne McAllister

Do I need to introduce you to today's guest blogger?
Anyone who has followed my blog for some time will recognise my dear friend Harlequin Presents author,  Anne McAllister.  She has appeared on this blog many times,  as my friend, fellow author and of course, the late lamented Sid Sidney's Lady Across the Pond.  She's shared Sid, the other cats, the hedgehog family - the Hecks  - and as she now tells you, amazingly her husband and mine share - well, an on-going conversation.

Welcome Anne!

When Kate asked me if I would write a post for the 40th anniversary of her marriage to The Prof (UK version), of course I said YES!

What else could I possibly say. There are just some people that you find an instant connection with. And Kate and I shared that from when we began corresponding on an authors' loop long ago now.  But there are not a lot of people with whom one's spouse finds an equally kindred spirit in the other's spouse.  Our respective Profs (UK and US) did exactly that.

We met Kate's husband at the Doncaster railway station, having been invited for a few days, and wondered if her spouse and mine would find anything to talk about.  They were both English professors. Surely they could find common ground, we thought.  But mine can go days without saying much, and hers might say more, but not necessarily to order. So we were, um, a tad bit apprehensive. 

Did they talk?

When have they shut up?  They talked their way out of the railway station, at tea, all the way home in the car. They talked in the back garden, in the shops, on the way to a) Lincoln, b) Grasmere, c) Millom, d) York, e) all of the above (answer: all of the above. See first sentence of paragraph,)

They came to visit us. We picked them up in Chicago. We drove them to Denver. We drove to Cheyenne. We drove home again.  They talked.

We met them in New Zealand. They talked.  And talked.

Now they can FaceTime.  My husband, who can talk 30 seconds to his children and grandchildren on FaceTime can explain Complicated Multi-Phase Stuff That He Works On In The Basement to The Prof UK.

They write poetry
.  They spent several soggy days at Grasmere, writing stuff while the saner members of the foursome were out buying raincoats and umbrellas. 

So it's fun to spend time with Kate Walker and her Prof.  We also appreciate their generosity. They have shared their cats with us. Sid, of course.  I have volumes of correspondence from Sid. But  Bob and Spiff communicated now and then, too. And Dylan even write me Potry -- because he attended his dad (The Prof UK's) Potry Class and so He Knew How To Do It.  Now Charlie (aka Chaz) writes me missives and Flora deigns to communicate occasionally. She tends to prefer FaceTime, too, though.  Not a letter writer, our Flora.

They have also shared their hedgehog family, the Hecks.  And, of course, we have shared the McAllister D.O.G.S. with them. 

There are not many couples we know with whom we've had a stupendous time no matter where in the world we are.  Kate and Steve are one such couple. We count our blessings regularly -- and Kate and The Prof UK are right there among them.

So, to both of you, The Prof (US) and I wish you a wonderful anniversary. (Your gift is on its way. Truly.  You must put it whe
re you can see it -- and live by it!).

I would add pictures, but my computer (the REAL computer with the pictures on it) is (I hope) recovering at a friend's house (he's a computer guy who Knows Things and might be able to save it).  So, I can't post any. But chances are that Kate has a few pics that she can add.  If there are pics, thank her.  I will.

PS From Kate - there are pics. It was easy to find photos of Anne, of  Sid The Cat - the  D-O-G-S. Even The Hecks the hedgehogs were easy to find - but The Profs?   I can't find one of them together!  They must be off somewhere - talking!

Which takes me to Anne's question -
Where  would you  suggest the Profs and their spouses go next (it's like the garden gnome goes round the world) to keep up the conversation?

Anne is giving away a copy of  Breaking the Greek's Rules  to one lucky commenter (if you promise not to look too closely at the cover - it's - er not one of Anne's favourites!)

Happy 4th of July to you and The Prof USA  Anne!  (And to everyone else who is celebrating it.)

You can find out more about Anne on her website


Eli Yanti said...

Happy 4th July :)

And what's wrong with the cover? *just curious because I like it :)

Anne McAllister said...

It didn't fit the book. The tone is wrong, so are the people. But I'm very happy that you like it.

Laney4 said...

(1) Congrats on the 40th (again), Kate! I can't say it enough. 40 goes by so quickly (as evidenced by my own 32 next week)!
(2) Thank you, Anne, for contributing to the blog (and Kate on the pictuers)! I enjoyed reading that. Thank you for sharing.
(3) Can relate to having a "computer guy". I used to have my camera program on my computer, till "the crash". Even though that was over 2 years ago, I still haven't printed any photos since then, ostensibly because I haven't loaded the program back on. I could probably do so without it, but what the heck, I've saved the photos in a couple of places; isn't that enough?
(4) Matters not to me about the cover. I used to buy based on the back blurbs only, but since blogging in 2009, I now buy based on the author's name. You and Kate are definitely on that list (as are a bunch of others, of course). Am looking forward to reading Alex and Daisy's story. Sounds intriguing (I know, I know: it isn't an Intrigue, per se), LOL!

Lois said...

Hmm... have you guys ever been to Disney World together? That could be interesting... :)

Happy 4th fellow Americans! :)


bn100 said...

How about Argentina?

Anne McAllister said...

Laney, Thank you. Alex and Daisy are around somewhere (in that cover, unless you read Spanish in which case they have a lovely cover). I hope you can find them -- preferably by Christmas, as it ends at Christmas time.

Lois, I have never been to Disney World at all, so that might be interesting. I'm not sure my Prof would go for it. He's not an amusement park kind of guy. But maybe if he could sit on a bench and talk to the Prof UK, he'd go with it. Thanks for the suggestion.

bn100, Argentina! What a brilliant notion. I'd LOVE to go to Argentina. I was a Spanish major in university and rarely have much need to speak it in the midwest of America. I can see that as a real possibility. I'll have to talk that up to everyone else. Thanks!

Catherine said...

Hi Kate and Anne
Thank you both for the many enjoyable hours of reading you have created for us!!!!! There are few things as enjoyable as a wonderful book.
Happy 40th Anniversary Kate!
May I suggest Vancouver for your next visit together. We have a delightfully diverse population, beautiful beaches and scenery, mountain hiking and skiing just a 1/2 hour drive from the heart of the city, golf at the ocean side, wonderful food options, my favourite Emily Carr Collection at the Vancouver Art Gallery and a bracing and invigorating Pacific Rain Forest climate.

Mary Preston said...

Come visit us Down Under. Lots to do & see and certainly lots to talk about.

I loved the meeting of minds!!

Kaelee said...

Thank you Anne for the wonderful stories and Kate for the lovely photos. I'd like to suggest Alberta as your next holiday destination.
The last lines were Dash's suggestion so I must stop now and pay him attention. Lots to do here in Alberta.

Jo's Daughter said...

Happy 40th !! The animal pictures are cute :) maybe you could go to Venice that's romantic. Amsterdam or maybe go somewhere tropical... Yes that sounds even better. Spend a little time on the beach with a cocktail. I haven't traveled much myself but plenty of places that seem great.

Anne McAllister said...

Catherine, I love Vancouver! It's a great place. And I think sharing it with Kate and Steve would be a great idea. Wouldn't mind a jaunt out to Victoria Island, either! Great idea.

Mary, I long to go back Down Under. My current work in progress has an Australian back story. I keep ringing Anne Gracie and asking for more and more information. It's my way of feeling like I'm there again. The Prof US has never been there because he had to go home and teach after we'd spent a month in NZ. So maybe we can look at that as a possibility! Thanks!

Kaelee -- and Dash! Alberta is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Sharing it with Kate and Steve would be a pleasure. Steve in particular would enjoy it as he likes that "wild west" feeling you get in the wide open spaces. Thanks. And Dash, those were lovely!

Jo's daughter, Ah, Venice! Love Venice, even when it is sweltering hot which it was when I was there. I wasn't there long enough. I'd love to go back -- and to share it with the Prof US and Kate and the Prof UK would be a great trip. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ira said...
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