Monday, July 08, 2013


I have another winner to announce

The winner of Sally Quilford's giveaway is Caroline  for her Highway to Hell story. Caroline please contact me with your  postal address  details so that I can pass them on to Sally

Today's guest blog  will come from the lovely Jane Jackson.

Michelle Styles will pick her winner  later - and you can still enter to win Scarlet Wilson's giveaway.

PS Edited because Scarlet has just picked her winner - as she says in the comments on her post:

Hi folks, my son has picked Laney as the winner. Laney can you contact me via my website with your address? Thanks

So - sorry Scarlet's giveaway is now closed - but don't worry, there's lots more coming up!


Mary Preston said...

Busy times!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks Kate and Sally. Caroline x

Sally Quilford said...

Congratulations, Caroline! I'm posting your book out this morning.


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