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40 for 40 Holly Jacobs

Holly Jacobs is  another friend I made on line through eHarlequin  - and then became a true friend when we met in person at RWA. She's someone who has always made a joke about the way I use the word 'lovely' - as you'll see from her post. But then, with Holly 'lovely' is an easy word to use. About her and her books - so here's my lovely  friend Holly.

Holly wanted to send  a photo of her and me together but couldn't find it. I said I'd post one. This is one of my favourite pictures ever of me (at the back) Holly (in front) and in the middle is our 'third twin' Donna Alward. (you'll meet Donna later in the celebrations.)

So here's Holly:

You all might know Steve as The Babe Magnet, but to me, Kate and Steve are 'my lovely friends.'  
When I wrote my June book, A Walk Down the Aisle, it was about the 'perfect' couple.  Everyone in Valley Ridge thought of them that way.  But it turned out they had their imperfections...but they learn that those imperfections helped make them who they are.  And who they are is two people who are meant to be together.  Two people who might not be perfect, but fit perfectly.  That's how I think of Steve and Kate
...two people who fit with 'lovely' perfection.

And Kate and Steve, Happy, Happy Anniversary!

So, in order to celebrate their anniversary, I'm giving away my new trilogy...which includes A Walk Down the Aisle.

Okay, question...:
 My husband occasionally sends me flowers, and when something that needs celebrating happens, he'll take me out for a Guinness.  But really, the gestures that mean the most to me are the small ones.  
For instance, he doesn't think beds need to be made in the morning...and I do.  So, on days he makes the bed, I know he did it just to please me.  I know, it sounds silly*, but I look at that bed all neatly made and feel loved. 
And I love leaves on the ground in the fall...he doesn't.  So, when I rake the lawn for him, I'm saying the same thing...I love you.

So, what small gestures have ever touched you personally, or did you read in a book and think..."ahhh, now that's love"?  
Answers in the comments section please .  We'll draw a random entry!


Again, Happy Anniversary to one of the loveliest couples I know!

PS from Kate - *Doesn't sound silly to me at all, Holly. In fact it sounds just lovely!
Holly and her husband celebrated their 30th anniversary last week - belated Congratulations to you both, Holly!  I hope you had a lovely day.

You can find out more about Holly on her web site.  Her newest title is a departure from her romance stories - as you can see from the cover above.  STEAMED: A Maid in LA Mystery  -Cleaning is Murder on the Manicure - is available Summer 2013 for Kindle


Eli Yanti said...

Try to remember but I don't have any "poor brain" :(

Laney4 said...

The first thing that popped into my mind was how my DH and I celebrated our 30th anniversary, two years ago: we drove to a city an hour away (and held hands, if possible re traffic), took a ferry to an island (while DH roamed the boat and I read my book), drove slowly down country roads (and pulled over to smooch whenever possible), ate at a quaint restaurant (with my homemade brownies and cookies afterward), more slow driving (and smooching, of course), return to mainland (finished book on ferry), supper at a favourite restaurant, a different ferry "the long way home", and ice cream cones (before arriving home 10 hours after leaving the house).
So ... in answer to your question ... smooching with my husband, as if we were teenagers again, and just "enjoying each other's company" touches me deeply to this day.
Congrats to Holly re her 30th and congrats to Kate re her 40th. We apparently are the exceptions to the "norm" today, and I'm enjoying the experience tremendously.

HollyJacobs said...

Kate and Steve, Seriously, you are two of the very loveliest people I know! I hope you have a marvelous anniversary and many, many more beautiful years together!

Thanks, Laney! Your day sounds beautiful to me!


PS And as a gift to all of you, the new book Kate mentioned, Steamed, is free today! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DPK9NI2?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393177&creativeASIN=B00DPK9NI2&linkCode=shr&tag=holljaco-20&=books&qid=1372777882&sr=1-5

HollyJacobs said...

PPS. The link didn't work, so you can simply cut and paste it or just go to Amazon.

PPP. That is one of my favorite pictures, too, Kate! I had so much fun explaining to people that you, me and Donna were three women of different ages, and different countries of origin...who were twins. Three twins. Uh, I don't think my explanation explained much! LOL

Kaelee said...

Happy Anniversary Holly. I love a pint of Guinness also. My husband buys me orchid plants now instead of flowers.

I remember the "twins". I also remember the great Knackered Debate. I just have to think of the word and the smile begins ~ it gives me glee.

I think the small things my husband does are wonderful as well. I haven't been sleeping well lately. this morning I was up really early and then slipped back to bed. My husband let me sleep in ~ such bliss as I actually feel rested. I already have your books Holly but I haven't read them yet. I haven't been reading much lately.

HollyJacobs said...


Man, that knackered debate still gives me so much glee!

Oh, and what a sweet husband to let you sleep in!

Toasting you with a Guinness!


bn100 said...

Happy anniversary! Like the letter Zsadist wrote to Bella in the BDB series

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Caroline said...

Happy anniversay to you both, Holly. My DH is such a sweetie. He's always saying "Have I told you that I love you to bits" It makes me smile every time. He's also very generous and knows how to get into my good books. He's always giving me small gifts - nromally by giving me stationary. It's a sure fire way to make me feel chuffed to bits! Caroline x

Mary Preston said...

It doesn't sound silly to me either.

Watching my parents I saw gestures of love all day long. My Father would always wash up the breakfast dishes. My Mother would make his favorite desserts. A hand resting on an arm. A warm smile....

For 66 years they lived and loved.

HollyJacobs said...


Letters can be so romantic! My husband was one in the doghouse...no idea for what. He brought me flowers, but it's the card I remember. It was embossed with a man in a doghouse and the words, "I'm sorry." Underneath it, he wrote..."Maybe." I laughed so hard I couldn't stay mad! LOL


HollyJacobs said...

Oh, Caroline, that's so sweet! I know someone whose love-phrase with their dh is, "Love you...mean it." I love those personal love-phrases!


HollyJacobs said...

Mary, What lovely memories...and lovely lessons. I'm glad they had all those years together!


Maria Perry Mohan said...

Hi Kate and Holly,

Holly, I just grabbed your book on Amazon, so thank you for that.

Holly, as an Irish woman, I love my Guinness although as I live far away from Ireland and the western world, I don't get to have it very much. Kate has Irish connections and I know that many of us Irish use the word 'lovely' quite frequently. You give an Irish person some good news and the reply will probably be a delighted exclamation 'lovely'. It's lovely to see you over here, Holly and I look forward to reading your books in future.

HollyJacobs said...


I hope you get a Guinness in the near future! I'll confess, I use the word lovely (although the word Glee is by far my most often used word), but have used it more since my friendship with Kate and Steve...and every time I do, I think of them. Seriously, one of the loveliest couples around! But maybe it's simply my Irish roots showing!

And thanks for picking up the book! I hope you like it! Uh, you'll find some Guinness mentioned in it!! My characters tend to drink it a lot!


Celia said...
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