Saturday, July 27, 2013

40 for 40 - Winners announcement

Thank you to everyone for their concern about Charlie. His wound is now healing rapidly and well. He's fine in himself, but so fed up of the collar! And as he can't go outside, he is climbing the walls with boredom and yelling complaints at me! Hopefully it won't be long now before he can get back to normal.

I have a list of winners to announce. Can I remind you that it's up to the winners to get in touch with me so that I can pass their details along to the author who has donated the prize.  If the email link at the bottom of the page doesn't work, then send your message to kate AT  kate-walker DOT com.

So - the winners -

Julie Cohen  chose  Tishylou

Nell Dixon’s winner is bn100

Lynn Raye Harris has chosen Rachael

Jane Porter picked two winners –

Gonepecanla   and CC Coburn

And Annie West has just sent me her winner’s name - Sally

Please don't forget that this is the holiday  season in the UK.  I know that at least 2 prize givers will be travelling  for a few weeks. And of course I will be  in Wales for Writers' Holiday for a week now. With normal internet access, I will try to send on your messages and addresses as quickly as possible - but I will be teaching  a full course  and there won't be a lot of time to spare.

Anyone who I haven't contacted will be  let know as soon as I get back. 
I apologise if this delays the arrival of your prize for a  while.

Once again my thanks to every single wonderful author who has blogged and has donated their generous prizes. There are  14 or more posts coming up - starting today.

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Mary Preston said...

Congratulations everyone!!


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