Friday, July 26, 2013

40 for 40 - Susan Stephens

I remember the very first time I saw - Susan Stephens. It was at an RNA Awards lunch and I spotted a new face amongst the authors on the Mills & Boon tables.  And elegantly groomed head of reddish hair, sparkling eyes and a wide smile. I didn't actually meet her then, but once met she could never be forgotten - her warm and bubbly personality makes that impossible.

Susan has her own very special - and very fast/Presents style  - romantic story about how she met her handsome husband in Malta. If you haven't read it, you can find it here.    It reminds me of the way that when I met the Babe Magnet he went home and told his family that he's met the girl he was going to marry-  he didn't tell me for another couple of months though! Anyway, Susan and her  husband are still together.  Which just shows that love at first sight - or almost first sight - is not just for Presents romance stories.

Welcome Susan, I'm so happy to have you sharing this special celebration.

The best thing about writing is reaching out and meeting people. The wonderful friends I've made have been a highlight of my writing career. I first 'met' Kate Walker through Kate's books and became a fan long before I was published.

It's always a thrill to meet a favourite author, and when you discover that the author in question is just as much fun as her books, and a great supporter of all those connected with the romance industry, it's a huge bonus. Having sat in on one of Kate's popular workshops, I can vouch for the fact that Kate is not only a wonderful storyteller, but an inspiring teacher. By the time you leave one of Kate's classes I can assure you that your determination to write, and write well, will have been increased tenfold.

And then there's Steve, Kate's husband, one of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. An unflagging supporter of all Kate does, as well as being a talented non-fiction writer and poet, Steve handles rooms full of women with aplomb at all the many romance conferences Kate attends, which undoubtedly accounts for his nickname, the Babe Magnet!

Though forty years ago FORTY YEARS AGO??? Steve only had eyes for one woman, as he does to this day, so I hope Steve will allow me to quote him on this occasion, as he raises his glass, and says - for at least the fortieth time... 'Kiss Me Kate!'

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of the nicest people I know!
Susan Stephens

My question:

What is the most outstanding/unusual/crazy outfit you ever saw/wore at a wedding? Except for the bride, who always looks gorgeous!

I have a signed copy of the first book in my Skavanga Diamond series, Diamond In The Desert for the best answer

Coming later this year on ebook only: Ma Oo, The Hunter Kyane The Warrior Badaree The Sorceress and the start of the Celestina series for Harlequin-E Books 1 and 2 Celestina And The Sultan Celestina Warrior Queen January 2014 Book 2 in The Skavanga Diamonds series ebook and print HARLEQUIN The Flaw In His Diamond


Sally said...

I recently attended a wedding, traditional held in a church, bride in white (gorgeous) and the groom, waistcoat, cravat, dress shirt and tailed jacket and on his he wore SNEAKERS!

Sally said...

Sorry, pressed enter before I re-read it - 'and on is feet, he wore Sneakers!'

bn100 said...

the hat Princess Beatrice wore

Eli Yanti said...

So far never wore any unusual/crazy things at wedding party bf

Laney4 said...

The weddings I have attended have been pretty straight-forward. One last summer had the groomsmen and groom wearing cowboy shirts and hats; they were supposed to wear black jeans until the day before the wedding when they upgraded to black dress pants, though.
Every time I look at my own wedding pictures, I think my husband looks like a penguin in his baby blue rented tux, LOL, but HE liked it so HE wore it! (The groomsmen wore dark blue.)
As for weddings I haven't attended, I agree with bn100 re Princess Beatrice's original fascinator, although her sister Eugenie's wasn't too far behind!

Peaces of Me said...

Well, at my wedding, my sister in law to be wore a skin tight white dress slit almost up to her crotch and showing a lot of cleavage. I was not impressed! My sisters always said when she got married they were going to take me revenge dress shopping, lol (I was much more respectful though, lol...). I'm even annoyed about it 15 years later, ha, ha!!!

Mary Preston said...

At my brother's wedding his new MIL wore gold lame - with a matching hat. She did look a sight, but she was SO happy that you could forgive her for wanting to shine - literally.

PS: she is a wide as she is tall.

Susan Stephens said...

Amazing comments! !

Thank you so much :)

I remember one of the editors wearing a fabulous white wedding gown and a pair of 'Dorothy' red shoes. She looked stunning and the added zing of the red shoes made the whole thing so cool!

Susan Stephens said...

Mary Preston, you won!!

Congratulations, Mary!!

If you could let Kate have your address or send it to me at I will send you prize off ASAP

Congratulations again,


Mary Preston said...

Thank you. Email on the way.


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