Monday, July 08, 2013

40 for 40 - Jane Jackson

If I'm honest I can't quite recall when I met Jane Jackson. I know she was writing for Mills & Boon - but we really became friends when we were  both teaching courses at the wonderful Writers' Holiday in Caerleon.  Too often we would both be on our way to teach a course -  or back from doing just that - so that we only had time to snatch a few words. But then one year we found ourselves with a bit of free time and we started to talk - and talk  .. .  Caerleon's like that. You can make good friends there. And Jane is one of the great friends I've made. And as with friends I like so much, the rule seems to be that I'll like their books. So someone today will be lucky enough to win one of Jane's  historical novels.

Blog post for Kate  and Steve's  Ruby Wedding.


I'm delighted to add my warmest congratulations to Kate and her babe-magnet Steve on their fortieth wedding anniversary.  I've known Kate
 for 25 years, as a student, colleague course leader and friend, and Steve nearly as long.  They are a terrific partnership, supportive of each other and generous to everyone who has the privilege of attending their courses. As a superb example of the old saying that what you give out comes back to you, I'm betting they will be swamped by the tidal wave of congratulations for this very special occasion.

Wishing you both a wonderful day. Now go for gold!


Jane Jackson.

To  help the celebrations along,  I would like to offer a giveaway  prize  -   a paperback copy  of either Eye of the Wind or Dangerous Waters

to one commenter who answers this  question -

Where would you take your beloved for a short break, and why?
Answers as usual, in the comments section please!

Dangerous Waters  Accent Press  Paperback  30th May 2013

Eye of the Wind  Accent Press  Paperback  25th April 2013  


Eli Yanti said...

Not sure how to answer because I'm single but maybe just sit in the couch and watching our favorite movie :)

traveler said...

I would take my beloved to a beautiful, quiet and secluded beach which would be unforgettable.

petite said...

To escape to a lovely villa hidden away in Italy would be a dream come true. Why, because last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I have recovered. Time to cherish life and beauty with my husband who deserves a change of scene.

Caroline said...

Anywhere with a hot-tub. My DH *loves* sitting for hours in one! Caroline x

Jane Jackson said...

Eli, your evening watching a favourite movie could be very special.

Traveler, I live near the sea and love it in all its moods, so a quiet secluded beach could indeed be a time of togetherness that would linger long in the memory.

Petite, I'm delighted to hear you have recovered. Spending some special time at a villa in Italy
with an adored husband - what could be better?

bn100 said...

Australia because haven't been there yet

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I wouldn't mind where I go with my husband as long as we were in a nice place with good food and wine and plenty of privacy and the assurance that the kids were well taken care of somewhere nice. Ever since we became parents eighteen years ago after a long relationship (eight years as an item, married for less than one) we've always brought the kids everywhere with us and the concept of us as a couple has sort of taken a back seat. Though we can be quite romantic when we get the chance. When we were in Dublin last year, my home city, we left the kids with their aunts (my sisters) for a day and bought a bus ticket and went out roaming around Dublin city for a couple of hours, reliving our courting days. Then we met an old friend from those days, that evening after work and spent an enjoyable evening in a pub. It was a great day.

Mary Preston said...

Somewhere we can do things we both love to do. One to fish, while the other reads comes immediately to mind. It's a win/win. Then a cook-out on a secluded beach eating said fish.

Taylor Skye said...

I'd love to treat my husband to some spa treatments, then watching the sun go down over the peaks with a nice cup of tea.

Jane Jackson said...

Maria, there IS life after children! Meanwhile enjoy the occasional romantic break. Yours sounds lovely.

Mary, Your win-win sounds wonderful, and eating fresh-caught fish on the beach - delicious.

Taylor, even if he took a little persuading, I bet your husband would really love the spa treatments. Sundown with a beautiful view is one of life's special moments.

JulieM said...

I would take my husband back to Durham where we met as students. Standing on Prebends Bridge looking at the cathedral is a very romantic spot.


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