Monday, July 01, 2013

It's July - so it's time for 40 for 40!

It's 1st July -  1st July 2013
And so it's time for 40 for 40

What? Why? Where?

Ok - I'll start with the 'why' first -

This July is really important to me  and to the Babe Magnet. We're going to be celebrating something really special  , and I’d love to have   my wonderful friends - and you share in the celebrations.

Celebrating what  - well, Steve aka The Babe Magnet  and I are celebrating a big wedding anniversary. (Yes, I really was a child bride – I can’t possibly be old enough to have a wedding anniversary with a Ruby in it! ) Well, yes, I admit it, we will have been married for 40 years on July 14th (and all the jokes about the storming of the Bastille were done at our wedding back then.)  After a difficult year I want to celebrate the good stuff and this is well worth celebrating.
So I'm asking  my writer friends – hopefully 40 of them! -   to come and join me here on my blog  to party.

I'm still collecting up names but there are some of the brightest and best in romance writing  - and  other authors I've met at Caerleon, other writing events, or perhaps just through the internet and they've all become friends.

Melanie Milburne,  Kate Hardy,   Anne McAllister, Julie Cohen,  Michelle Styles,  Michelle Reid,  Sandra Marton,  Lesley Horton, Liz Fielding,  Louise Allen,  . .  . Posts are still coming in so watch and see it your favourite authors are coming to the party.
They'll be  contributing  a small blog post.  A post on weddings or anniversaries   or meeting your partner -  or even something about Kate Walker and the Babe Magnet. And because my friends are lovely, generous people, there will be prizes and giveaways galore. All you'll have to do is  to join the party -  to chat in the comments section - answering the question that day's guest has asked.

And every day one of those comments will be chosen as a winner - with a giveaway prize for  everyone chosen.
Here, obviously, on my blog - every day there is a 40 for 40 post there will be a new guest and a new giveaway.
Each question will be open for a few days so if you miss the moment a post goes up, don't worry - you can still comment for  4 days afterwards.

So I hope you'll visit every day - meet my friends, answer their questions  and join in the celebrations.
And now I'm off to welcome my first guest  - a little late  - but of course on an important date my computer had to go into meltdown   but I hope we're back on track now . . .
Come in and party!


Nick Harris said...

Excellent. The 14th of July is my birthday! I'll be 41, so I was one year old when you got married! Gosh!

Lois said...

Wow, definitely something to celebrate - congrats! :)


Kaelee said...

Congratulations Kate and the Babe Magnet. Ken and I will be celebrating our 45th on August 3rd. It's so good to read about real life HEA's. Wishing you many many more celebrations.

Mary Preston said...

Congratulations on your 40th Wedding Anniversary. That's quite a milestone.

Eli Yanti said...

Congrts Kate :)

Kate Walker said...

Nick Harris! You were 1 year old when I got married! That's a bit much to take in. But I do wish you a Happy Birthday for the big day. I hope you'll come back and share in the celebrations here on my blog - so maybe we can celebrate together on the 14th

Kate Walker said...

Hi Lois - thank you for the congrats. It is something to celebrate - and we plan on doing just that!

Kate Walker said...

Kaelee - thank you and very special congratulations to you and your Ken. Have a wonderful day on August. And yes, one of the best things about this celebration is that I get to share in some wonderful friends' Happy Ever Afters - as you'll see.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Mary - it is some milestone! Not at all sure how we got here though! I'm sure the wedding was only last year!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Eli - thank you too for your congratulations.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

That's great news Kate, congratulations. I'll be there to read and comment for sure. Who can resist a party as enjoyable as this one?


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