Thursday, July 04, 2013

The glamorous life . . .

I'm just organising the next couple of posts for the 40 for 40 celebrations. I have 
some wonderful guests  coming up over the next week or so -
Next up: 

Harlequin Presents author - Anne McAllister

Writer's Forum columnist and novelist  Sally Quilford

Historical romance writer Michelle Styles

Medical romance writer Scarlet Wilson

Romantic novelist Jane Jackson

Historical romance author Louise Allen

Romance  - and KISS  - author Fiona Harper

All with guest bog posts - and giveaways!

But just in case you're imagining the 'elegant lady novelist' sitting at her desk organising all this, I thought I'd better admit to the truth -

I have been wearing a face pack while writing this
And a deep conditioner on my hair (OK - I'll go all the way in my admissions,  I also have a plastic shower cap on my head to help the conditioner work!)
I've just made a HUGE pan of mixed vegetable soup so my office (which is just off the kitchen) and my hands smell strongly of onions
And I have a large grey Maine Coon cat on my shoulders. (I think she likes the smell of the conditioner - or maybe it's the rose face pack!)

But I do occasionally look like the pic above!
Hope you're enjoying 40 for 40  so far -  get your comments posted for our guests over the past few days.,  Winners will be drawn on Saturday!


Eli Yanti said...

Can't wait to meet all the author :)

Mary Preston said...

I have no trouble picturing you as described. I use a shower cap when I do my monthly deep henna treatment.

It's going to be a fabulous 40.


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