Thursday, July 25, 2013

40 for 40 - Catch up - and while I'm at Writers' Holiday . . .

I hope you're enjoying the wonderful posts on the 40 for 40 blog celebration. I know I am.  All these lovely friends and amazing writers  have been filling my blog with great posts about weddings and anniversaries - and there are plenty more to come.

One of the things that has thrilled me in particular is when my friends and fellow writers have shared their own romantic stories - and so many of you in the comments have told yours too.  As a writer of romances it's made me truly happy to see how many writers and readers have shared wonderful stories of long lasting loves, many many wedding anniversaries - and again there are more to come. It's a fabulous assertion of the fact that real love is not just a fiction but a real life fact.

I'll admit that that was partly what I hoped for when I planned this - but I didn't quite expect it to be fulfilled so wonderfully.

I need to  add a little note of explanation just in case the posting/organising of the blog doesn't go quite as smoothly as I hoped  over the next week or so.

Those of you who know my regular summer plans will know that the fabulous Writers' Holiday  at Caerleon  takes place  from 28th July - 2nd August this year.  And as I'm teaching my course  - A Complete Introduction to Writing Contemporary Romance -   then obviously I have to be there. 

I'm hoping that there  will be easy internet access when I'm away but just in case there isn't, I do have the upcoming blogs scheduled and I hope they will all post as I've planned. If not, my apologies in advance to all my guests and my readers. If anything goes wrong I will sort it out as soon as I get back - and  I promise that you will not miss a single post or a giveaway even if I have to post things when I get back.

And just to whet your appetite - the guests I have coming up while I'm away are:
Harlequin Presents author Annie West
Harlequin Presents  author Susan Stephens
Romantic thriller writer Anna Louise Lucia
Brand new Harlequin Superromance author Anna Sugden
Harlequin Presents author India Grey
Historical novelist and Harlequin KISS author Pamela Hartshorne/Jessica Hart
Harlequin Presents author Chantelle Shaw
Blaze author  Tawny Weber
Harlequin Romance/KISS author Liz Fielding
Harlequin Presents author Sandra Marton
Harlequin Presents author Michelle Reid.

That should keep you coming back and entertained till I get back.
Hopefully it will all go smoothly - if not - I'll sort things out when I'm home!


Eli Yanti said...

Great author lists :)

Mary Preston said...

Enjoy your time away!!


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