Sunday, June 03, 2007

And this is me

So while everyone's flirting with and fighting over the Babe Magnet - I need to apologise to those of you who posted questions that I haven't answered yet.

I haven't forgotten - honest - I've just been so very busy that I haven't had a moment to write the answers. But I will - I promise. I just need to fit it in with organising the Blog Party, planning a real party, looking after visitors, and - er - planning and even writing the next book.

No pressure then.

And just to stretch myself even thinner (oh, if only that was possible!) I'm spending this week chatting over on Jane Porter's web site where she has her very own bulletin board. Thank you so much for the invitation, Jane!

I'm there from June 1st - 7th so if you'd like to come over and pay a visit, and maybe join in the chat, then here's what to do:

*Click on the REGISTER link in the navigation at the top of the screen.
*Accept the agreement.
*Fill out your registration information and submit.
*Check your email and confirm your email address once you receive a note from the Board Admin.
*Come back to and login using your new login and password.
*Scroll down to Writers Life Central and browse to Kate Walker’s thread in that forum.
*Click on the thread and join in the fun!
*If you have any problems with any of the above, send an email to

You can just visit and read without signing up but if you want to post then you need to join.

And those of you with questions might find that I've answered some of them over there!!

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