Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 14 - The Offspring

In the UK, today is Father’s Day – so in honour of that, my Guest Blogger is someone who calls the BM Dad – the one and only Offspring.

I’ve known him – pretty obviously – since birth – and I’m very very proud of everything he’s achieved. Watching him mix easily with everyone last weekend, talking to everyone from editors to authors, young and old, was a great part of the happiness of a very special event. He’s a very talented writer himself. And I’ve already mentioned the wonderful gift of the Kate Walker Romance Rose that he and his lovely partner gave me.

I do have photos of him at the dinner, but unlike the authors he’s not a public figure and so here’s one I took a little earlier.

And here is The Ofspring’s Blog Post

Do not underestimate the achievement of Kate Walker.

She may now be an internationally renowned author and ambassador for romance throughout the globe, as well as an inspiration to those looking to break into publishing themselves, but we must not forget that those initial tentative steps towards bestsellerdom (is that a word, dad?) were taken while dealing with a yelling, crying, puking and pooping monster in the shape of me.

For I am Kate Walker’s son, and I am immensely proud of the fact. I can still recall a friend of mine at school referring to her as a ‘Celebrity Mum’ and feeling very happy about that. Because she is. Not many mums can be Googled, or have their own website, or need to constantly update furniture in their houses to accommodate translated versions of their novels from countries I’ve never heard of.

The thing is, she is both a Celebrity and a Mum. KW can do both things astonishingly well. How she has managed to write 50 (count ‘em) books that touch their readers so profoundly while putting up with me and my nonsense is incredible. And, like I said, not to be underestimated.

I have stopped yelling, crying, puking and pooping now (at least in public) but some things never change. I will always love and need my mum and forever admire what she has achieved.


In tune with the theme of Father’s Day, today’s prize is a signed copy of two of my ‘Baby’ books – His Miracle Baby and Their Secret Baby.
What is the best Father’s or Mother’s Day gift you’ve received - or given if you don’t yet have any children.

Answers in the Comments section please and in a day or so Stumpy the Ragdoll cat who lives with the Offspring will pick a winner

Happy Father's Day to all Dads

(And yes, this post did reduce me to tears)


Kate Hardy said...

What a lovely post. And The Offspring told me himself last weekend how proud he was of you :o)

I think my best mother's day pressies ever was the first time my children made me a mother's day card and wrote it themselves (especially as my son loathes drawing). They're in my keeper box.

christina said...

Kate, you must be as proud of your son as he so touchingly is of you. That was a wonderful post. And as for Stumpy - he's a bit of a babe magnet in his own circles, I bet!
The best mother's day present's I've received have been the children's first efforts, all now squirreled away safely. The worst were both down to my son - he was due on Mother's Day, but hung on in there for another fortnight. The following year, my family took me out to lunch and after discovering orange juice in a big way, Junior was sick all over me!

robynl said...

No children here but stepchildren. The best gift I ever received was the one and only Mother's Day card from dh and his 2 sons- I know it was his idea but I still have it and have put it in my Memory album.

India said...

Gorgeous post (why aren't I surprised that The Offspring also has a way with words?!)

Best mother's day present-- I'm always way beyond thrilled when I'm given chocolates, as it's the only time in the year when I don't have to share them!!

(I know, I know, I'm not that heartless... I do share of course, but I also make sure I get first pick!!)

Kimberly L said...

That was a great post. You're lucjy to have such a great son who loves you so much.
Since there sre 5 of us kids and my dad had just recently gotten out of the hospital for heart surgery, we all got together and made them a big dinner and bought them a big double swing and flowers for mother's garden and gave dad a sears gift card since he loves tools.

cas2ajs said...

Every holiday (especially Mother's Day), I try to convince my kids that the presents that would please me the most are ones they've created. My son is the artist and he draws the most amazing pictures for me. My daughter is the future writer. When she was around four years old, she dictated the most beautiful story that she insisted I write down about a mom and her daughter baking a birthday cake together and the daughter dancing in the living room for her mother. She's only 13 now but I can't tell you how many notebooks she's filled with her imagination. And my son will draw for hours on end. I've told them I look forward to a children's book someday which has my daughter's written words and my son's illustrations.


Ilona said...

I always have great gifts given to me but Dad is so much more difficult to buy for according to the kids. Mostly they just add to his large dragon collection but this year and two years ago he got a gift of sorts from our two eldest sons.

They graduated from Uni just in time for Father's Day! he is looking forward to his Father's day in two years time as the middle son (hopefully) adds a third to the degrees.

He says that's the best gift he could ever get as it proves he did something right in helping bring them up with honour and the ambition to better themselves.

Virginia said...

I guess the best mother's day gift I received was when my son made me a card himself in school and had his dad take me out to dinner that night when he got home. It was really great.

Lois said...

Aww, and hello to The Offspring. :) That sounds like it could be a superhero series. :)

I remember once upon a time, the poor college student that I am, got my Mom one of the small pints (I think it's the pint I want to put down! LOL) of ice cream. She liked getting it because you divided it in threes and you have one dessert for each of us (no ice cream still in the freezer to nibble on constantly LOL). Got that right as I was going home with a little bow. Placed bow right on top. :)


Mona said...

I'm the youngest of three and they got to finish college and get jobs before me so I always thought they got to give the best Mother's Day gifts and I was stuck with flowers and cards.. I mean they got her jewelry and gold rings, leather handbags. How bad can that be? though my mom was never impressed with any gift over another but I've always felt that way till I got a job and bought her this elegant black coat and she actually liked it, she never likes anything bought for her to wear unless she see it first. And I think I was even happier than she was with my first respectable present. So that was one gift I wouldn't forget.

Maureen said...

What a wonderful post. My favorite Mother's Day present was a plant that my son saved up for many weeks to buy because he knew I liked to garden.

Cherie J said...

Wonderful post!For my first Mother's day I got two wonderful gifts that I remember especially fondly to this day. My mother got me an adorable Precious Moments figurine that says "Cool Mom" on it and my mother-in-law got me a lovely gold necklace with a charm representing my son with his birthstone on it.

Stacy S said...

Oh, that's sweet.
My best gift from my son was this little basket( pretty sure it's a basket). He colored hearts on it. I've had to tape it together now though.

lidia said...

Kate, why am I not surprised that you son is also a writer? I am sure that you are very proud of him.

My best mother's day present was in '89. It was a difficult year for us.

My dd (was six then) and my husband planned a picnic in a county park. The three of us walked through the beautiful gardens, watched other families enjoying the day, found on a nice spot, put out a blanket and had our meal.

It was a bittersweet time for us -- but the memories of that picnic have stayed with us.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you all for sharing - and yes, I am a very proud Mum.

Kate and Christina - like you I love the little presents that were hand made. They're really special

Robyn - that card would be really special, no matter whose idea it was. And a Memory Box is a great idea

India - knowing you I cannot believe that you ever indulge in chocolates and still keep that slim figure - it's just not fair!

Kimberly that sounds like a wonderful gift - something your Mum and Dad can enjoy hopefully for a long time to come

Cheryl - I know the feeling of pride in your kids' talents. I hope that one day you will hold that book in your hands. That would be somethng truely special.

Ilona - I love dragons too. And I think your husband is so right - knwoing that your children have achieved so much and are set on a good road in life is a fantatstic feeling.

Virginia - hand made cards are always so special aren't they? And dinner too sounds wonderful

Lois - it's not the size of the gift that matters is it? It's the spirit in whcih it's given and ti sound to me like you gave youe Mum something she really loved whcih the whole point.

Mona - I'll just bet your Mum loved that coat. How lovely that it made you happy too.

Cherie - they sound like wonderful gifts and how great that they came from your mother and m-i-l - it makes me think of all three of you surrounded in the love of being a mother

Stacy - Oh I love those 'not quite sure what it it, but he made it for me' gifts - you don't care if they;re messy or not perfect - they come wiht love and that's what matters

Hi Lidia - thank you for that memory. I hope that life is easier for you now. But a special memory from that time will always be one to treasure. I think that doing things with people you care about creates wonderful memories in your head that no one can ever erase. That makes them special

CrystalG said...

My mother lost her wedding band and since she and my dad were unable to go shop for a new one, I bought her a new wedding band for mothers day.

Marcy said...

My best Mother's Day gift was an interview that a teacher did with my 5 year old daughter. The first question was "How old is your mother?" to which she replied, "14."

Gotta love it!



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