Friday, June 15, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 10 - Winner

Abby Green has picked her winner - she's posted this in the comments section on her post but just incase her winner misses that, I'm posting it here too.

Here's what Abby says:

Hi there again. All your replies have been brilliant and thanks so much for sharing, I hope I didn't bring up too many bad memories for anyone!!! It was a toss up between Julie and Chris in the end, the thought of all those blueberries (!)...but I'm going to have to go with...drum roll...Chris!!! And it's because her horrible work of looking after a spoiled brat brought back my own memories of au pairing in France when I was eighteen. I had to look after a homicidal nine year old girl and a maniac eighteen month old boy who she kept trying to kill. Not a good summer! So Chris in case I don't have your address, will you email it to me again: again everyone and Kate for such a great party!x Abby

So Chris - if you'd like to contact Abby (or me) then your prize will be on its way to you.

And a special note to Authors reading this - our next Guest Blogger will be offering a prize that might well appeal to you - so keep watching . . .

I'd ppost this Guest Blog now but there's a huge storm just breaking overhead so I'd better get off the computer. And from the look of the torrential downpour, I'd probably also better start building an ark!

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