Friday, June 01, 2007

CAT CALENDAR - and June Celebrations

Regular blog readers know that the first of the month is always marked by a new Cat Calendar starring The Cat of Superior Breeding - SID.

So this morning I asked His Sidship if he would pose for the month of June. Which he did, most graciously. But then, when he saw his 'props' - the accessories I was asking him to pose with - he realised that this June picture marks a very special month for me and for all my readers all over the world.

Which of course, as you all know by now is the publication of my 50th title for Mills & Boon. Because of this and because he is always generous to a fault with his admiring public (Ruby this means you! And Magic if she's watching) Sid offered me not one but two special celebratory poses for this month's calendar.

So here we have the formal pawtrait for the month of June:

And here we have a more relaxed, informal picture of Sir Sidney when he discovered that we would be celebrating the 50th book with salmon and a little cat nip!

Sid is also in such a good mood because he knows all the extra fun things I have coming up for you all in the next month or so - things like

The Great Big Blog Party (and I might just have achieved my ambtion of getting 50 posters to come and visit)

The Great Big prize giveaway from all of those(hopefully) 50 visitors - so many of whom are bringing a prize to go along with their posts

The Great Big 50 book giveaway - a book a day for 50 days - plus the Great Big Grand Prize to celebrate the 50th book (this will be together with lovely Lee over at Author Sound Relations - details will go up very soon

The extra prize contest for all my Newsletter Group . (Join now if you want to be part of that)

And of course the book itself - the publication of The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge which is out in the UK now (though it seems like blink and you'll miss it - there is one copy left on Amazon at the moment and I was in Sheffield/Meadowhall Mall yesterday where there were precisely two copies left on the shelves!)

And all this will go through into July as well - to celebrate the publiction of The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge in Presents and M&B Sexy in USA and Australia.
So keep coming back to see what's happening.

And finally - and by no means least - Sid (and I) would just like to wish the wonderful and lovely Liz Fielding a very very happy birthday for today. (If you're in America where the book is still on the shelves, why not treat yourself to a copy of The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella to celebrate the birthday of a fabulous writer and a special friend of mine- it's still available on too.)

Have a fantastic day Liz - and relax for a moment with the book off your desk.



Unknown said...

Ruby is loving the 'relaxed' pose (naughty minx)

Hurrah that it's June now and the celebrations can begin!

Anonymous said...

Magic offers her formal apologies to Sid for not being able to appreciate his photos fully today, as she is not feeling too good. (She was spayed today) the after effects of the anaesthetic seem to have her in a daze, but she has promised to give the photos a thorough perusal later.

Sue A. said...

Congratulations on your 50th title Kate!
(I love the relaxed picture of Sid best!)

And please pass on my Happy Birthday wishes to Liz!


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