Friday, June 22, 2007

Kate Bit - Good news and poetry

Before I post the next guest blog I need to just sort things out, making sure who has sent a blog and who hasn't so here's a quick Kate bit to say

1. I was checking my links and things on the blog this morning to make sure that all were still working anbd accurate and I discovered that both At the Sheikh's Command and The Italian's Forced Bride have lovely big red Sold Out signs across them over on eHarlequin.

Which is great news for me - not so wonderful if you were looking for copies of either book to buy. Apparently they are still available in the Large Print editions on eHarl so I'll leave the links live for a little while - and there are some lurking on the Amazons. But if you're one of those who've bought a copy already, I owe you a great big THANK YOU! for such a wonderful result.

2. In her guest blog, Julie Cohen set the challenge to readers to write a poem about one of my books - if you haven't already checked out the contenders, I do recommend that that you go and check them out - there are some great entries. And no, Lord Alfred is not the BM ! (Though I think I know who . . .)

In honour of which, and because there was a general request for a printed version of some of the poems that were read out at the celebration dinner - I'm still waiting for permission and copies to print of the other poems, but I've twisted the BM's writing arm and have been allowed to reproduce a copy of the poem by 'im indoors.
Important - please remember that this is copyright:


For Kate Walker

And it's the wonderful, colourful dance of life
We sing today
And we believe what we say
For the words we make

Are about the chances we take

And it's the romance of life
The irrational passionel that enhances life

We sing today,
The high not the low,
The fire and the glow,
The words flying high
From the new lover's sigh.

We sing today
And in the dance of each heart
The fearful new start,
The wonderful, colourful dance of life.

In romance we revisit the spoken vow
And the warming rush of living now.
The uneasy taking
And the laughs in giving.

We sing today
And we believe what we say
For the words we make
Are for their own sake

For the believers who dance
And still delight in the thrill of chance

We sing today

(c) Stephen Wade 2007

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for printing the poem Kate-- it's lovely to be able to revisit it.

And the Lord Alfred plot is thickening so enticingly... Please-- Kate, Alfred-- put us out of our misery!!


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