Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Great Big Blog Party Starts here

Okay so I promised you a Great Big Blog Party for my 50th title - and we're starting today. Now other blog parties I've been too have all been a little rushed for my liking - everyone arrives, there's an avalanche of posts - dozens in a couple of days - too many to really take in - so that you're reading greedily and gulping down words like chocolate, only to end up far too full and slightly nauseous - and you post comments in a rush, not thinking too much, and wondering if you'll win a prize - and which one you want to win - and who's giving it away - and what did they say?

So you end up OD'd on writing and reading and words . . .

And then it's all over - done. All the prizes have been handed out - the bloggers have gone home - And you've nothing left to look forward to.

Well not at my party.
I want to take my time about this party - after all, it's to celebrate my 50 titles with HMB - and those 50 titles took some time coming so I don't intend to waste this feeling by gulping it all down in a rush - and I hope you'll enjoy it too. Add into that the fact that this book - The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge - is out in the UK right now but it's not published in America and Australia until next month - so do I celebrate now - or in July?

The answer's simple - I celebrate from now until July.

So the Great Big Blog Party will run right through June and into July - for as many days as I have bloggers to post for you - and occasionally I'll blog too - hey it's my party.

At this point I can hear the words of that song in my head - slightly altered though.
It's my party and I'll blog if I want to . ..

I have lots of wonderful guest bloggers lined up to come and chat with you - to post - wonderful writers, friends, peope I've worked with as I've written and published all those titles and books - and they're offering prizes, giveaways for you to win. You win by posting and making a comment on the topic the post is about - or the question the poster has asked. And then, 24 hours after they've posted, they'll come back and choose the winner.

Something as good as this can't be rushed. I'd like you to get to know some of the special friends thatmy writing life has brought me. Some you'll know - some you'll be meeting for the first time. Maybe some of them have written books you've read - others will be authors you might like to 'taste' for the first time.

Because this isn't just a celebration of my 50 titles but of the wonderful world of writing - romance writing and occasionally other sorts of writing or other links to the writing world. It's a celebration of the wonderful people I've met in 20+ years as a published author - some of the established uthors and some of the newest of the new. Friends from all over the world - at least 3 continents and - at the last count - 7 countries.

I know I'm going to enjoy it and I hope you will too. Come back often to see whose posting and join in the party. Post comments, join in the discussions and see if you're lucky enough to win a prize.

And while we're talking about celebrating - I have another birthday to announce - June must be a very good month for Romance writers. Today is the birthday of the glamorous and beautiful India Grey whose very first book - The Italian's Defiant Mistress - is published in paperback next month. (And yes- she's one of the visitors who will be blogging at this party).
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIA! (And Sid sends special birthday purrs to Ruby's Mum)

Now let's get this party started . . . .


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great party! Happy Birthday India--really looking forward to your book.

Sue A. said...

A belated Happy B-day to India! And congratulations to her on the upcoming publication of her first book!

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks ladies!

Have arrived late after a weekend of birthday celebrations, and am so excited that the blog party has started...

I reckon that a whole lot of books is so much more fun to celebrate than a whole lot of years!

Donna Alward said...

Kate, I just realized something. The guy on the cover of book fifty? I think I recognize that back. It might be the guy from Vivi Anna's first Nocturne, Blood Secrets.



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