Friday, June 15, 2007

GREAT BIG BLOG PARTY 12 - Heather Reed

I missed a few days of Guest Bloggers while I was away last weekend - so this weekend I'm catching up with a few extra. At one a day, we should be on Guest 14 or so and we're only at 12 - so there might be more than one a day to catch up.

And this Guest is a bit different.

I want to mention Heather Reed today because this week marks the 1st year anniversary of the time we've been working together - though I've actually 'known' Heather for longer than that. A couple of years ago, I joined romance community over on We Write Romance where I was made really welcome and the owners and organisers of the site - Heather and her partner Terescia Harvey planned chats, organised reviews and interviews and helped to promote my books.

Sadly WWR doesn't work in quite that way any more but I was able to stay with Heather as she and Terescia took over the running of - and eventually the total redesign of my web site and blog. They are responsible for the sleek new look and it's thanks to Heather's hard work that all the backlist of my book with their covers and blurbs are up on my site ready for the 50th title celebrations. And she managed all this while looking after her lovely little boy and brand new (and gorgeous) baby girl

Heather is also the talented lady who is responsible for the animated banner at the top of my blog page. Not only that but she's also a writer with her first book A Secret Design published in 2006.

So if any other authors would like a banner designed - try entering Heather's contest - becuase that's the prize on offer.

So here's Heather Reed

Kate Walker's 50th Title Big Blog Party Celebration!

Well, hello everyone! My name is Heather Reed and I’m honored to be a part of such a wonderful celebration for one of the romance genre’s greats.
I have the special privilege of not only being friends with Kate, but I’m also her web mistress. That means I’m lucky enough to get the inside scoop on her hot upcoming releases as they’re ready to be updated on her website....and it also means that in helping with her recent website redesign and creating individual book pages for each of her releases I became VERY aware of just how many books she’s written! ;-) What an accomplishment!

Though being a web designer wasn’t how I first met Kate. My best friend and fellow author, Terescia Harvey and myself started a romance to give romance readers a fun place to find out what’s new in the world of romance. And it wasn’t long until Kate joined in sharing her wonderful enthusiasm for writing on the forums. I truly believe she’s a great inspiration to all. She definitely makes me glad to be a romance writer, and proud to be in such great company. My first release, A SECRET DESIGN, was out in August 2006. You can visit my website to read more about it!

Heather Reed is an award-winning author living in Southeast Tennessee. With a romantic heart and an overactive imagination, it's no wonder she daydreams of magical worlds where feisty heroines and sexy heroes always live happily ever after. Her first book, an Avalon Romance, was released in August 2006.
When she's not chasing the kids or fulfilling her dream of publication, she's working to design websites and create a fun, informative online romance community ( with her best friend, Terescia Harvey.
A static banner! Visit Designs ( for samples.

Who inspires you? Is it your favorite author, a family member, a world leader? Just leave your answer in a comment and you’ll be entered to win a static banner!


Unknown said...

I guess all authors inspire me. I love to read all kinds of romance books and I totally get lost in the books. I switch around different kinds of books and authors. When an author can write a book that you get lost in, it just amazes me.

Donna Alward said...

Heroes. Ordinary people who step up and do extraordinary things not because they have to but because that is simply who they are.

My whole perception of the world changed when I watched Band of Brothers. It concludes with Dick Winters recalling a letter...and the question, "Grampa, were you a hero in the war?" and his answer was "No, but I served in a company of heroes."

That inspires me. That makes me believe that there is some hope for the human race after all. :-)

Anonymous said...

My inspiration was - and still is - my mum.

She was one of the nicest people I ever knew - she always had time for people, she was patient and kind, and she was the sort of person who left everyone's life that little bit brighter just from being in it.

Apart from being a brilliant nurse (despite the fact she wasn't able to stay on at school and had to take her nursing exams with no qualifications behind her - and I'm so proud to say she came top of the class), the most wonderful mother (I could talk to her about anything and she always encouraged me in my writing and believed in me - I so wish she'd been able to read my first story in print), she was also a wonderful friend and a generous colleague. She was the sort who put other people first, who stepped in to help without making a fuss, and who always played down her achievements. When she died, the whole ward was in tears. And the church at her funeral was standing room only.

As I've grown up and had children, I've met people who've told me they knew my mum and how she'd inspired them - she'd spend time with a student nurse, and with their help whatever the problem was would suddenly click into place and they could understand things. I've met people who've told me that she saved their lives. And she touched many more lives with her thoughtfulness - the right word or little gift at the right time, to put a bit of sunshine into people's lives.

Part of the reason I write medical romance is because of her. She was the one who taught me that nurses and doctors were real heroes and heroines. And I hope that part of her courage and her sheer warmth comes through in my stories. Because for me that's what heroes are all about. The quiet, unsung people who make a difference - who make this world a better place.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Heather, my most inspiration comes from awesome authors like you and Kate who so openly share their worlds of writing. :)

Wild wave to Kate!!! DH and I stepped into Lake Huron for the first time this year. :D

Hugs, Nancy

Heather R. said...

Ah, you all have such great posts!

Virginia, I know I love to read books that I get lost in...and though I've now written a few myself, it still amazes me too!

Donna, I cried pretty much all the way through Band of Brothers. It was awesome. I believe those who are humble and true to themselves are the best kind of people.

Kate, that is SO sweet! Your mom must be really proud of you. And, I think I should mention I'm a fan! ;-)

And Nancy, you are wonderful! Thank you!

Happy reading!

Heather R.


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