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Great Big Blog Party 23 - Heather Rae Scott

For my next Guest Blogger eHarlequin strikes again, The eHarlequin Message boards are where I 'met' Heather Rae Scott - but to me then she was just Rae-eHarlequin, one of the 'hosties' who helped run the boards, answering questions, organising threads, moderating discussions. Later, Rae set up the Gonnabeez, the 'gonna be' published writers group. I was thrilled and honoured when they names me their 'Queen Bee' and when I ventured out to my first RWA Conference - in Denver. the 'Beez' made me feel so welcome - even crowning me with a tiara at the eHarlequin pajama party.

And of course one of the Beez that I met and made a friend of was Rae, The one thng that I remember most about meeting her in the flesh, apart from a shy smile, a warm hug and a wonderful welcome was Rae's laugh. Believe me, once heard, Rae's laugh is never forgottem. It's a sound that's a cross between a donkey braying and someone trying desperately to catch their breath but it's one of the warmest, most infectious sounds ever.
Hear it and you start laughing too - laughing with Rae, never at her. The next year, in New York, the Beez found out that the BM and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and theymarked the occasion with some lovely gifts. In amongst those - and from Rae - were two wooden Bee figures - The Queen and her Drone - she with a flower in herb hair and he with a black top hat perched on his head. I still have those two - they are sitting on the bookshelf opposite my desk as I write this - a reminder of Rae's warmth and her sweet welcome. I really hope that one day soon - maybe next year - I'll get back to RWA and meet up with her and other Beez again.

So it was a great thrill for me when I learned that Rae was no longer a Gonnabee - but a fully fledged, 'beezkneez' published author and I'm delighted she was able to come along and share in the Great Big Blog Party as

Heather Rae Scott

When the lovely and magnificent Kate Walker asked me, me to be a part of her 50th celebration I was both terrified and excited all at the same time, because I’m a baby in this business and she’s—well, she’s Kate Walker!

Then, I thought about it some more.

She’s Kate Walker.

I knew right away what I was going to talk about. Kate is a fantastic author—really, fantastic doesn’t even begin to describe the talent Kate has.I love her books, swoon for her heroes and root for her heroines. She’s got a unique way of teaching as shown in her 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance, and she’s helped a lot of aspiring writers by participating on the boards, which is where I met her.

All this said, I feel extremely blessed to have Kate, the person, in my life. I fell in love with her persona on the boards, but meeting her in person, feeling the loving hug she gives and seeing the adoration in her eyes is priceless. For me, it was love at first sight.

Kate is beautiful inside and out and she has the grace, style and royalty of a real Queen. She’s truly a gem—a diamond in the rough and for me that is what is so awe-inspiring. Even though she’s Kate Walker, she never hesitates to roll up her sleeves and dig in and get dirty helping someone. When Kate gives her best, it comes from her heart and soul, no holds barred.

Kate’s smile will light up the room and her sense of humor will leave your side in stitches, and she reminds me very much of another special woman I lost in my life, which is why I feel blessed to have met someone like her.

Oh, and her husband is pretty special too!

Kate, congratulations on celebrating the big 5-0! Here’s too many, many more Kate Walker books to keep us warm at night.


I'm giving away a signed copy of my very first book, THE LAST THING I EXPECTED, which came out last August. The follow-up book in this series is called THE LAST THING I WANTED and it will be available in ebook form on July 17th from Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Easy question, ready? Finish this sentence: The last thing I expected was...

Heather Rae Scott pens zany, heartfelt romantic comedies with sizzle. A mother of three and engaged to one romantic, wild, and nutty guy, her life is filled with endless fodder for her books. Her readers will connect with her fun, engaging style that will give them an escape from a world that doesn't always provide a Happily Ever After.
~Heather Rae Scott


available now


Donna Alward said...

The last thing I expected was....for the writing to get harder, instead of easier. :-)

Btw, the 17th is my print date as well! Hooray for us!

Heather Rae Scott said...

Hooray for us, indeed. I'm so proud of you, Donna! And I agree, it does get much harder.

Took me a second to stop sniffling at Kate's beautiful words!

I <3 you, Kate. You too, BM!

Cherie J said...

The last thing I expected was to fall as deeply in love with my baby girl I gave birth to 8 months ago as I did with my firstborn. Just when you think you can't love a child anymore than that first one, it's love at first sight with the second bundle of joy they place in your arms. The love just keeps expanding.

ChristyJan said...

The last thing I expected was... find out that there is a special time in a womans life when you start losing hair and then FINDING it again, but in places you never expected!!

Ann said...

The last thing I expected... was to end up blogging along with Kate and you as a published author!

Hoped, dreamed, prayed, visualized, sacrificed my first born...but tried not to expect ;)

Heather Rae Scott said...

Cherie, it's amazing how the love you have can stretch to love more than one child. Although, I agree with people that instead of saying I love you both equally, it's okay to say, I love you all differently, because of the differences children do possess.

Christy, LOL! Ain't that the truth?

Ann, you made me sniffle. The last thing I expected was to be ranked with the likes of you and Kate as published! I <3 you, too!

pearl said...

The last thing that I expected was to give birth to my son on my birthday. My first child and what a surprise that was.

ellie said...

The last thing that I expected was to move away from my home country to another totally different and unique place which felt like home and was the right move indeed.

Unknown said...

The last thing I expected was for all my best laid plans to pale in comparison to the beautiful surprises in my life. The best things just can't be planned.

This was such a lovely post from Kate and you, Heather. :)

Minna said...

The last thing I expected was to see a spider the first thing in the morning.

alissa said...

The last thing that I expected was to meet my future husband at a University social gathering and be smitten for life.

lidia said...

The last thing I expected was to become "hooked" with the sites related to my favorite pasting -- reading -- both author sites and publisher sites.

Cheryl said...

The last thing I expected was . . . for a smile from my kids to make even the worst day better and worthwhile.


Jayne Hoogenberk said...


Congrats on the 50th book m'dear, and I have to say that the last thing I expected was how your participation on would help spring board so many new authors as a result of your support, kind words and enthusiasm for the craft. Rock ON Kate, and thank you for being such a mainstay in our Community!


Heather Rae Scott said...

Pearl, that is so very neat that you and your son share a birthday. He was the perfect present, one that will keep giving year after year. '-)

Ellie, I joined the AF a long time ago and I can appreciate what you're saying about moving to a unique place and making it 'home'.

Bama, You're so right about the best things in life aren't or can't be planned.

Minna, eek! I'm terrified of spiders. *shudders*

Alissa, Being smitten is always a good thing! If my oldest son had been a girl, I was going to name him Alyssa Rae. '-)

Lidia, It's amazing how the sites hook, line and pull you in, isn't it?

Cheryl, Absolutely! Smiles from children are awesome, except for when they're in trouble and you're yelling at them. *snorts*


Anonymous said...

The last thing I expected was.... to get pregnant with my youngest son.

Turns out the mini pill does NOT work when you are ill! Mind you 16 years on and I am still not that upset at having baby #5 :D

diane said...

The last thing that I expected was to fall for a wonderful young man in high school and meet him during a drama rehearsal. To know that he was the one and now we are engaged.

ellie said...

The last thing I expected was to have 2 sons marry in two years. Too fast and too soon.

Unknown said...

The last thing I expected was--to lose four jobs in a matter of two years due to companies closings and cut-backs.

The last thing I wanted--was for some unexpected bills to come in during this time.

robynl said...

The last thing I expected was.... to find someone and fall in love with within a few months of moving back to my home province after having spent 8 yrs. looking for someone whilst living in another province. LOL!!!

Heather Rae Scott said...

thank you all for participating! I loved reading your stories.

Thank you again, Kate.


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