Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 20 & 21 - Winners

Well, across the country, the cats have been busy, as Sid and India Grey's Ruby were roped into action to choose the winners of the next two prizes.

Sid, of course, is used to this. He has chosen so many prizes in the past that as soon as he sees the bits of paper being laid out on the floor, he's ready. Sometimes he doesn't even need to have the crunchies laid out too - that takes far too long. So he just walks up to the list of names, puts his nose down on one of them - 'That's the winner, Mum - now gimme the crunchies all together - never mind this spreading them out thing!'

In just this way, Sid chose the winner of Nicola Cornick's prize - and the copy of Lord of Scandal goes to:


Who I believe is actually guest blogger 15 - Julie from Malta

Congratulations Julie! As I mentioned, Nicola is actually away at the moment but I'll send her your address and as soon as she gets back the prize will be on its way to you.

Now we come to Ruby's choice . . .
Well, Ruby isn't quite as experienced at this winner-choosing thing. And her mind was clearly on other things so she gave India a hard time. Here's what India says:

In the end, I'm afraid Ruby let me down. Spent ages making a very elaborate and amusing toy for her, featuring all the names of the entrants, folded over and secured by paper-clips onto lengths of string, and dangled it enticingly over her head for ages. Trailed it alluringly along the floor. Bashed her repeatedly on the nose with it. Not a flicker.

I'm blaming Sid. A year ago she'd have been making a complete and utter banana of herself over a toy like that, but now she's lost her heart she's gone all serious and grown-up. It's all very boring.

India - I suspect that the missing factor in the way Sid chooses winners and the method you were using on Ruby is a four letter word - f - o - o -d . Sid chooses happily because the idea appeals to his stomach (aka the 'flab sack'). He'll do anything for a smackeral of something.

Luckily India had helpful daughters, one of whom helped by picking a random piece of string and pulling it out of the bundle. And the name on that piece of string was . . .


Congratulations Lis! You win a copy of India's The Italian's Defiant Mistress - so send me your address and I'll pass that on to India. Coincidentally, Lis chose as her favourite Kate Walker book Bound By Blackmail - which is also India's choice . . .

And that reminds me - next post . . .

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