Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Kate Bit - Catching Up and an Apology

Well yesterday was a day that was definitely 'one of those days' . The BM and I made it to York - but only just - the rain was horrific, the visibility almost non-existent. It couldnt last we told ourselves.

It could. And it did. In fact it got worse.

The weather was scary. The rain was torrential,all day no let up - non stop - the river rose 11 inches in one hour. 11 inches!! Apparently there was a month's rain in an hour at one point. Visibility just about nil at certain stages, roads inches deep . . . I was just so thankful to get home. Luckily here we're on the hill but the garden was so saturated that the flower beds were filled like pools where there was no scope for it to drain away. And round here was mild compared to some - Sheffield - Hull - where people drowned and sewage backed up and electricity went off

If you're in one of the places that were worst hit by the deluge, then my thoughts are with you.

So I'm just glad for the respite we have this morning. And scarily they're saying it's just a respite. There are threats of more rain to come and with everything already saturated, there's nowhere for it to drain to . . .

Virginia from Kentucky who wrote in her comment that she'd love some of the rain, believe me I'd love to send some over to you - I just wish I could. And I'll bet the people if Sheffield and Hull would wish for that too. We have more than enough.

If you're in one of the places still so badly affected by the floods and the appalling weather then you're in my thoughts and I hope things improve for you soon - and I pray that there isn't going to be the rain they're predicting again.

So yesterday was a real wash-out - and on my blog party too. I have to apologise for the fact that lovely Nicola Cornick will not be able to come and chat with you as you comment on her question - I wanted to post her blog in June to talk about her latest book which is out now - and thought I had just got her post up before she left for her holiday.

But apparently I just missed her and she'd already left. So, sadly, she won't be able to chat - but here prize will still be given away. In her absence I'll get Sid on the job and he will pick a winner from the commentators. And as soon as Nicola gets back I'll let her know who's won and she'll sort out the prize.

And today's Guest Blogger is definitely available - so I'll sort that out next


Kate Hardy said...

Glad you're safe - I was going to ring you this morning, but that'd put you even more behind *g*

Your guest blogger - if I have the day right - is about to go to a guitar lesson but will be back for lunch, and happily bouncing between parties...

(And she's not even nagging her guest bloggers. Note. *g*)

Michelle Styles said...

Ah so you were in York. It is just as well that my dh managed to find his way out of Hull!

And it was every bit as hairy on as on the news.Luckily he is fairly good at navigating and used backroads until he reached a point on the A63 where he could get on. Apparently there were waves washing across the road. Several cars stalled out in front of him, but the Megane made it. What he couldn't believe were the people taking photos as they were driving.


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