Monday, June 25, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 12 & 19 - WINNERS

First - a question - how many cubitts of wood did it take Noah to build an ark? I'm asking now because I might need the informatuon later on today if it keeps on raining as it is doing now. If this blog ends suddenly on a sort of whooooosh sound, then that will mean that I've been swept away on a flash flood as the amount of water pounding down outside becomes just too much. I am supposed to be going to York to meet visiting Australian author Anna Campbell - but at this moment I'd be afraid of having to swim there not drive.

Seriously though - for many people this is NOT a laughing matter and if you're one of those caught in the potential flood plains over the country you have my sympathies and my thoughts. Keep safe - and I hope and pray you keep dry. A little less rain would help too.

So winners -

First one is from right back at Guest Blogger 12 - this one was for the Authors out there - my fantastic web mistress offered a prize of a banner she's created to the winner. And I can now announce that the winner is:

Kate Hardy

Which seems like a great result to me as T'other Kate (aka Scary Kate) is also having a celebration this week and will be celebrating her 25th published title. Congratulations on both Kate!

And a second winners' announcement comes from Natalie Rivers who has found it hard to choose so here's what she says:
"There were so many fabulous suggestions that I found it impossible to choose just one winner, so I chose two, who will both receive an embroidered coin purse and a signed copy of The Kristallis Baby.

Sharon said Murano, and as my second book is set in Venice I just had to pick this island as a winner.
And Nature nut/jj loch – your description of an uncharted island, where the flora and fauna are straight from the Garden of Eden, made me yearn to go there. So I had to pick you too!
Then, because I had such a lovely time imagining visiting all the gorgeous islands that everyone suggested, I put the rest of the names in a hat and chose three runners up, who will all receive a signed copy of The Kristallis Baby. These are

Sandra Schwab,

Anne and

Thanks again to everyone for commenting and sharing such great ideas for dream holiday destinations!"

Congratulations to all the winners - you know what to do (you should by now!) Send me your snail mail address details and I'll pass them on to Natalie and she'll organise the prize distribution.


Kate Hardy said...

Scary, indeed *g*

Thank you, Kate and Heather.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

WOOHOO!!! Thank you Natalie and Kate!!! MY DH and I always dream of finding an uncharted island together. :D

Hugs, NatureNut/JJ

lidia said...

Kate and Natalie! Thanks so much!
This blog party has been great!

Sandra Schwab said...

Wheee! How lovely! Thanks bunches, Kate & Natalie!

sharon said...

Thanks very much. What a great blog party. Kate and Natalie, thanks so much. You made my day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nature nut, Lidia, Sandra and Sharon! You're all very welcome. I shall be off to the post office tomorrow.

With best wishes

PS And I still have a book with Anne's name on it.

Virginia said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

Hey Kate Walker! will you do me a favor and send some of your rain my way. I live in Kentucky and we are not getting any rain. Our grass is all brown and we are starting to have a water shortage, so if you don't mind send some of your rain my way!!!

anne said...

Natalie and Kate, thanks so much. I am thrilled about this and the blog party is wonderful!

Kate Walker said...

Anne - don't forget to send your postal address on to me so that I can let Natalie know where to send your prize


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