Sunday, June 03, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 2 - Holly Jacobs

I'm posting these guest blogs in the order that their authors got them to me - so that way you'll be able to see who's quick off the mark with their contribution and who had to be reminded a little.

So today's guest is a lovely lady (she'd expect me to use that adjective and probably wouldn't believe it was me if I didn't) called Holly Jacobs. I met Holly through the eHarlequin message boards, was lucky enough to meet her in person in Denver and then in New York.

Holly has a very special book coming out in October called The House on Briar Hill Road and I'll be blogging more about that nearer the time. But for today, here's Holly herself -

Things I Like About Fifty

Fifty is a lovely number. What’s so great about fifty?

Well, rumor (and Paul Simon) has it there are fifty ways to leave your lover.

For you math geeks, fifty is the seventh square prime.

For the science geeks, it’s the atomic number of tin, and in physics it’s a ‘magic’ number.

In Kabbalah there are fifty gates of wisdom.

Hawaii is the US’s fiftieth state. And speaking of romantic destinations, Hawaii has to be one of the best.

If you’re into Roman numerals, 50 is written as L.

Roman...Romance....L...Love....okay, it’s a stretch, but in romance, fifty is the number of books one of my favorite authors, Kate Walker, has written. That’s what we’re here celebrating.

Fifty books...that’s so impressive. It’s a golden anniversary. And our Kate is certainly a golden author whose books never fail to move readers. Paul Simon spoke about the fifty ways to leave a lover...well, Kate’s lovers (uh, these are her fictional characters, not her real life lovers–her husband doesn’t allow her any of real kind, but hey, with a husband as sweet as he is, who’d want them anyway? ) may leave, but they always come back and though their road is rocky, they find true love. And as a reader, that’s what I’ve found...a true love of Kate’s books. She’s an amazing and gifted writer, and an even more amazing and gifted woman!

Yes, fifty is a great number...and one of the greatest things about it is Kate Walker’s fifty books!

Congratulations, Kate! Invite me back when you’ve finished that next fifty. I’m already thinking of cool things about 100!

Speaking of an anniversary gift to Kate (well, really to you, her readers), I’m giving away one of my backlist books...The 100-Year Itch, which was a book celebrating Harlequin Duet’s 100th release. It seems like the appropriate give-away in honor of Kate’s next big anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Kate!

~Holly &



Holt Medallion Finalist,

Write Touch Readers' Award Finalist

National Readers' Choice Finalist,

2x Colorado Award of Excellence Finalist

To win just post a comment about your own favourite number - or your least - or why numbers fascinate you or just leave you cold.

Holly will be picking a winner in 24 hours' time.


juliemt said...

I am so not a fan of numbers, I am afraid. I spent many a maths lesson daydreaming and sneakily reading a Mills and Boon under my school desk.


HollyJacobs said...


I'll confess, I love numbers and science. Yes, on occasion, my geekiness shows through! But I'll also confess, that I frequently snuck a book during any and all classes!


sharon said...

Numbers have a unique ability to be meaningful to many people. To me they are just numbers. I much prefer the written word and have always done so.

HollyJacobs said...


Given my druthers, I'm all for words over numbers as well!! I'll also confess to loving under-used words. For instance, foible. It's a great word, and not many people trot it out. But one of my biggest foibles, is the quirk of giving those rarely-used words an airing now and again! LOL


anne said...

I do not find any fascination with numbers or their purpose beyond having comfort and their use in determining your wealth. But as far as words, which enrich my world and broaden my horizons, their value is priceless.

pearl said...

Numbers always were a problem for me from when I was very young. But reading and words had such an appeal and attraction that I am still enthralled by their spell.

Unknown said...

I love when people say they are a number...I am a 5 or he is a 3...I have no idea what it means, but it always makes me smile that they think of themselves as a number...

HollyJacobs said...

Anne, Wealth with no way to count it, would be tough! LOL

Pearl, Isn't it nice that our Kate was a word woman rather than a number woman? LOL

Jenna, I have no idea what it means either! LOL


Cheryl said...

I love numbers and words. I loved when we got to the word problems in algebra . . . I was in my element. Thanks for sharing your day with us today, Holly, and for the things you like about the number 50. And I'm very glad for Kate's 50 books.

Sue A. said...

Kate, here's to the next 50 books! Congrats again on the 50th title!

I like the show "Numbers" but I can't say that I'm really all that into the math of the show. I took math into the second year of University, but found it was basically a waste of time for me. In my day to day life I have got by with the basic math I learned in high school. And with calculators who even bothers to do it themselves now-a-days. And I don't have a lucky number.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - numbers. Jenna, that's enneagram stuff you're talking about (Michelle will explain more, no doubt).

I like numbers and logic. Puzzles. Science. And I do try to sneak them past my ed's nerd-alert radar. (She cut my microwave grape racing. So that's going to be my challenge for the next few books: to sneak it back in...)

HollyJacobs said...

Cas, Yeah, fifty is a nice number, but Kate's 50th book is the nicest thing about it!

Sue, Oh, I like the show as well!!

Kate, I've recently discovered Sudoku and they're on of my favorite numbers!


HollyJacobs said...



Give me a private email at and send your snailmail info. I'll get your book off to you asap!

Kate, once again, happy 50th!! Thanks for letting me be part of the party, even though I'm an ocean away!



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