Monday, June 11, 2007

Great big Blog Party 8 - Sara Hantz

I'm dashing out again, but here's our next Guest Blogger. I first met New Zealander Sara Hantz when she came over to the RNA Conference and was aone of my 'RNA Virgins' group - we'd met first throught the newsletter I sent out and it was wonderful meeting her in person.

And then when I went to the Romance Writers of New Zealand Sara was assigned as my 'minder' - she looked after me this time and made sure I had a wonderful time. I still remember with much gratitude the cups of tea and the cakes she fetched for me in the breaks so that I never went without.

Sara is now one of the growing list of 'Virgins' with a published book accepted. And I'm so happy to have her here to chat with you today.

Sara Hantz is based in New Zealand and writes teen fiction. Her debut novel THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN will be published by Flux in September 2007.

Sara's web site can be found here

Sara Hantz

Thank you so much, Kate, for asking me to join in your blog party. Fifty books, WOW!! And that’s fifty ‘happy ever afters’ for fifty lucky couples. Your celebration comes at the time when my parents are celebrating their Golden Wedding. It’s an amazing achievement, and a real life ‘happy ever after’. I bet it seems like yesterday that they were getting married, so to be celebrating fifty years on must seem surreal. They’ve chosen to hold an Afternoon Tea Dance, how cute is that? And a great excuse for me to go out and buy something new (like I need an excuse).

I’ll be toasting you, Kate, while I’m there. Not just for your fifty books, but you as a person. You’ve been an incredible roll model for both published and unpublished authors. And I remember how kind and supportive you were to me when I attended RNA and also when you came over to New Zealand for the RWNZ conference.

Here’s to you. And Babe Magnet, of course!!

For my question can you tell me about the best anniversary gift they've ever received. The prize will be a souvenir of New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Hubby and I celebrated 14 years this past May, and he gave me a pound of handmade chocolates from a local shop. I won't tell you how quickly they disappeared!


Cheryl said...

Congratulations to your parents and the Tea/Dance sounds wonderful. My parents just celebrated their Golden Anniversary this past year, too. They didn't want a big party, though. They just wanted a nice, quiet dinner with all of us kids there. It was very enjoyable for all of us. And I think it was the perfect celebration for our parents.


Unknown said...

Well my parents never made it to the 50th. My husbands parent celebrated with dinner with their kids. My favorite anniversary was when we rented a cabin on the beach and spent a week together just hubby and me.

anne said...

When my husband makes a gesture for our anniversary it is very meaningful and I appreciate it greatly. This year he took me out to a live performance of Guys and Dolls which was enjoyable and a great treat.

diane said...

To celebrate our anniverary my husband is a real romantic and always strives to celebrate in a unique fashion. I love it and this makes it memorable. He enjoys the preparation and I am always surprised. He plays our favorite songs, which are sentimental and sweet and then has flowers that he has chosen carefully. A special dinner and it captures the mood perfectly.

ellie said...

Anniversaries should be celebrated in style. What is special to me would be to have the time and leisure to go on a wonderful trip. My husband will be taking me on a trip to Italy this fall to celebrate 37 years together. We have never done anything like this and I am so overboard with joy.

sharon said...

My parents rarely celebrated and never made it to 50. A wonderful milestone. Congrats. SOunds like a special time for all. My anniversary would be spent together, ideally on a trip somewhere extremely special and lovely. But a relaxing evening out would be great.

Lois said...

Alas, I don't have an anniversary for anything, but one of my favorite birthday gifts was my first Rubber Duckie, which I started collecting then. And that was oh, somewhere after I started college. ;)


alissa said...

Since we have been married only two years a night out would be something to look forward to. A live concert and dinner would be my choice since we both enjoy that type of entertainment.

Sara Hantz said...

Wow, some amazing anniversary gifts, all of which would go down very well with me..... I'll drop some big hints to my husband!!

Thanks to everyone for popping by.

pearl said...

Congrats to your parents. What a lovely celebration. Lucky you. Anniversaries should be cherished. I would love to go on a special beach holiday which would be relaxing and at a new destination.

CrystalGB said...

My husband likes to surprise me. He will pretend to have forgotten and let me mope around and them surprise me with flowers, jewelry and a night out.

Anonymous said...

When my parents had their 40th wedding anniversary the children commissioned an embroidery of their heraldic crests for my Dad's name and my mother's maiden name joined together. It was very pretty and meaningful to them as they are interested in their families' genealogy.

Personally I like the old standbys... dinner out ( hard enough with three littles ones!) and flowers. Preferably tulips, but I'll take longstemmed roses in a pinch :)

Kate H.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Sugar is so glad Sara's parents are having a golden celebration - because it means I'll be getting another chance to see Sara.

Minna said...

Congratulations to your parents!
My parents never celebrated anniversaries.

Sara Hantz said...

Kate, what a lovely present for your parents. When my parents celebrated their 40th (yes another party) we four children had a professional photo taken and framed - which still holds pride of place on their wall (I like to think I haven't changed much over the past 10 years... but who am I kidding!)

Amanda Ashby said...

What? You're meant to get presents for anniversaries? Okay, I think I need to have a SERIOUS talk to my husband about this because he has been sadly lacking in the gift department.

Hope you have an amazing time with your parents and the rest of your family, Sara!!!!

Sue A. said...

Sara congratulations on getting your debut novel THE SECOND VIRGINITY OF SUZY GREEN published in September!

The authors I read in my teens have a lot to do with my love of reading today.

Sara Hantz said...

Thanks for the congrats for my parents everyone. I'll be sure to pass them on.

Sue, thanks for congratulating me on my book. I also found books I read in my teens shaped my reading for the future.

Christina Phillips said...

Huge congrats on your parents 50th, Sara. I remember attending my best friend's parents 25th anniversary party and thinking, omg, 25 years together. How amazing is that... and next year it's my 25th anniversary so I don't quite know what's happened to the space/time continuum there!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your parents' 50th, Sara! And the photograph is a lovely idea - that's exactly what I'd like when we reach our 50th and have grandchildren... (OMG, have just scared myself with the prospect!)

We exchange cards on our anniverary and we go out to dinner - but as it's difficult to get babysitters we normally take our littlies along too. I think even if we did manage to have dinner on our own, we'd have dinner out with them as well because we enjoy their company.


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