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Great big Blog Party 11 - Christina Hollis

Today's guest blogger is another of the Modern/Presents new signings. You may remember that I featured Christina Hollis as one of the authors in the Christmas Stocking full of books when she had her very fist novel - The Italian Billionire's Virgin published in January this year. Since then she's added to her sum of titles with new books coming out in July and December.

I first saw Christina when I was lunching with my editor and she told me that a brand-new author would also be lunchng there later. But it was in September last year that we met face to face at a dinner for the Modern/Presents authors - and it's this that Christina has chosen to blog about, and I've included a photo of Christina that I took at this event.


Kate kindly took me under her wing when my first Modern Romance, The Italian Billionaire’s Virgin, was accepted. It was incredible – Kate’s 12-point Guide to Writing Romance has been an invaluable help to me, and my first reaction on hearing her name was – ‘You mean THE Kate Walker?’ As if there could be any other!
After several months spent corresponding by e-mail, we met at a party she co-hosted to introduce and welcome new writers. I wobbled in on my only pair of heels (Wellington boots being the thing to wear round my way) and a dress borrowed from my sister.
I felt sick with fear, but needn’t have worried. Kate welcomed me with open arms, and immediately put me at my ease. From toasting the ‘newbies’ to deciphering the menu for me (my glasses having been conveniently left behind for the evening) Kate was the perfect model of a mentor.
Christina(L) with Sandra Marton & Sandra's husband Marty
Instead of going to bed at 9pm, I learned that there is life after midnight, and that drinks don’t just come in mugs marked ‘cocoa’. No – when you’re a writer, deadlines mean you have to work until all hours, while taking strong black coffee intravenously…

This blog is a great way for everyone to mingle and party on down, but I hope you’ll manage some time to yourself for a private celebration, Kate. Congratulations on your first fifty books. You’re a help and inspiration to us all. Here’s to your next fifty titles!

BIO: I was born near Bath, but now live on the Welsh border. Writing takes up all of my time – when I’m not looking after my family, or battling with the garden!

TITLES: The Italian Billionaire’s Virgin – Modern Romance, on sale now.
Count Giovanni’s Virgin – Modern Romance, on sale July 2007
One Night in His Bed – Modern Romance, on sale December 2007

Christina is offering a signed copy of 'Count Giovanni's Virgin' as a prize
As I'm sure Sid knows, a writer's best friend is her cat. Which silent confidante gets to hear all your secret hopes and dreams?


CrystalGB said...

My cat's name is Tom Tom. He is just a big, loving furball who will let you pet him until your hands get numb. He is a great listener. :) He also has great patience since our German Shepherd puppy love to play with him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kate! :-) :-) :-)

Hi, Christina! I enjoyed your first book!

My Golden Retriever, Fern, is usually near the computer when I'm writing--especially if (I mean when)I stop for a snack!--and has been known to rest her chin on the keyboard to *literally* apply pressure for me to share.

Sue Child

Minna said...

ekorre1I used to have cat. Now I only have a toy tiger.

Christina Hollis said...

Hi, Crystalg, suefromdevon and minna!
Yes, animals are definitely the best at keeping secrets. My son has a toy tiger too, minna, though I'm afraid Tigs has been loved so much he's lost all his whiskers and his tail has come loose!
I'm glad you liked 'The Italian Billionaire's Virgin, suefromdevon. Thanks for your comments!

Lois said...

Hi! :) Yep, another cat, this one named Kitty. And well, I guess for her to listen I have to wake her up every once in a while. LOL

When I was younger, I would take a small dog doll, or my E.T. doll to the hospital with me for my asthma attacks. Then when I was a little older into high school somewhere it was my Ernie doll. :)

Anonymous said...

Although I have a great mongrel dog called Lucy (16yrs old now) she has never been much of a confidante - silent or otherwise. LOL
When I have something I need to get off my chest or a secret to confide my husband is my choice -unless its about hm then it's the Huge Teddy Bear he bought me many years ago :)

Anonymous said...

My favourite confidantes are my sweet darling cat, Drizzt, and a big stuffed rabbit, Daffodil. As far as I know, neither one has 'fessed up to anyone else yet!

Christina - Keep on writing! Your books give me something to look forward to when my boyfriend's away :)

Kate - Many congratulations, but don't think we'll let you stop at 50!

Cherie J said...

Actually, my identical twin sister has always been my most trusted confidant. Hubby and I have two little ones (a 3 1/2 year old boy and an 8 month old baby girl) so we don't want to have pets right now. The baby has made a wonderful confidante since she isn't able to tell on me and smiles approvingly at everything I say. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ma confidante meilleur est ma cheval, s'appelle Pablo. Il est tres vieux et sage!

Kate & Christina - J'adore votre livres!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina, I don't have a 'silent' confidante. I use my friends who are all very vocal...! Lovely post, have your second book hot off the mills and boon site so will be tucking into it soon.
x Abby

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks to everyone for their replies - isn't it great to know there's such a loyal network of pets, lovers and babies out there keeping all our secrets?

Unknown said...

I would have to say it is my older sister that I confide in. Needless to say we spend a lot of time on the phone complaining about something or another. When we where young she hated me, but now that we are older we confide to each other. As the years go by people grow closer.

When I can't get through to her I talk to the fish outside in the pond, they don't answer back, but it's kind of enjoyable.

Unknown said...

Oh by the way Christina I forgot to mention that these fish out in our pond all have names, Spotty is the one I talk to the most because he is the tamest and will suck on your finger. I also have a Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind.

Kate Walker said...

Christina is having trouble posting her responses so I'm posting this message for her:

'Thanks to everyone who entered. It was lovely to help Kate celebrate her
great achievement, and I hope you're all enjoying the party!'

In the fine tradition of Sid the Cat, Christina's cat Jynx will pick a winner tonight and I'll post the result when he's decided

Kate Walker said...

Bonjour Aline - et bienvenu

Merci beaucoup



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