Sunday, June 03, 2007

And this is me

Reading some of the blog posts that are now coming in I think I'm going to have to post a disclaimer:
No money changed hands between me and the writers of these posts!

And no - I didn't write all of their posts for them!

Just for the record - I gave every guest blogger the same brief:

POST - Something to do with 50 books or 50 anything or just plain celebrating or Kate Walker or whatever inspires you for the occasion

That's it! I am already suffering blush overload from the ones I've read so far. All I can say is that everyone has been wondrously kind and generous - and I am deeply honoured by the fact that they've posted at all - as for what they're saying - well all I can tell you is that that was up to them!

The other thing I need to say is to give a little information to those who don't know how this Great Big Blog Party works.

I will be posting blogs by one or more Guest Bloggers every day for at least the rest of the month (and beyond that if everyone who's said yes actually sends in a post)

Most of these guest bloggers will have a prize giveaway included in their post - and they will ask a question or raise a topic for comments at the end of their post
If you want a chance to win, then all you have to do is to leave a comment that day. No mass posting please and nothing that would make me reach for the delete button
If they have time, the Guest blogger will call back to chat with you in the comments section too

After about 24+ hours, they will pick a winner from the comentators and will let me know who has won.

I will announce the winner on the blog - so keep coming back to check out the winners and see if you've been lucky.

If you have won I'll need you to send me an email with your name and full postal address which I'll send to the Guest Blogger and they'll organise your prize.

All clear? Right, I'm going to go and wake the BM and ask him to pick the very first winner.

Good luck!

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