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Great Big Blog Party 3 - Donna Alward

Today's Guest Blogger is someone else I 'met' through the eHarlequin message boards - in fact at the moment that is the only way I've met her as she lives in Canada. But I hope to meet her in person in September when she comes over to the UK for a visit. Donna Alward had her very first Romance book out in May - it's on my TBR pile right now. And if you don't win a copy today, it's still available on the Amazons or the M&B web site.

Donna sent me a very glamorous photo of herself to go with this post but then she posted some pics of her very first book sigining on her web site. And one of those was so lovely and natural that I stole that one instead. If you want to see the glamorous black and white one then visit Donna's site.
Bio: Donna Alward is one of two Canadian authors for the Harlequin Romance line. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, children, and six fish.

Great Big Blog Party Post:

I was thrilled when Kate asked if I’d like to contribute to her 50th book celebrations! No, beyond thrilled. I’m still a very new newbie, and Kate is, well, Kate! So without further ado, here are my:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Kate

10. Kate has published fifty novels. When I’m not even at the FIVE mark yet, that seems so far away! Fifty. Five-Zero. WOW!

9. She’s incredibly good at what she does and better, she knows how to articulate it. Her 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance is my bible.

8. She is incredibly supportive of aspiring and new authors. I’ve known Kate a lot longer as an unpublished author – several years through the Harlequin boards compared to one year post-sale. And over that time Kate has offered advice, feedback, cheers and commiserations to so many of us.

7. She’s approachable, friendly and has a wickedly fun sense of humour.

6. She has been known to spark story ideas in other writers (in other words, she’s inspiring!).

5. She’s the Queen and also Mother Hen.

4. She’s got a Babe Magnet of her very own. And believe me when I say that the first time she’d affectionately referred to her “BM” I was somewhat taken aback. ;-)

3. Kate was among the first to welcome me to the Harlequin Mills and Boon “family” and shared in my excitement.

2. Kate is one of those rare creatures that believes in giving back.

1. Kate is open-minded. When I think of Kate I think of an explorer, willing to see another route, ready to discover new places. Fifty novels for Mills and Boon is a huge deal. It’s a business where things change constantly. Lines change, word counts change, focus changes, editors move on…in a world where you either adjust or get left behind, Kate makes it all look easy!

I can’t think of a nicer person to celebrate such a fantabulous milestone!

Congratulations on the “Big 5-0”, Kate! Here’s to fifty more!


Give away….copies of HIRED BY THE COWBOY and MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M – the Windover Ranch books

As for a question….let’s make it FUN….”NAME YOUR FAVOURITE COWBOY”. No search for answers, no skill testing question. Just a bunch of comments on cowboy hotness. Yep, works for me! LOL Then I can do a random draw.


Donna Alward said...

Come on guys, who's your favourite cowboy?

If I have to pick one that's not MIke or Connor, lol, it has to be Sam Elliot. Oh, that voice. Mmm mmmm.

juliemt said...

There's a great Australian show called Mcleod's Daughters about two families who own land in South Australia and one of the male characters, Alex Ryan is lovely. He's played by an actor called Aaron Jeffries and he's funny and absolutely gorgeous.

Donna Alward said...

Oh, good one! I don't follow the show but I've seen snippets.

I used to love The Man from Snowy River. :-) My sister and I would watch it over and over again.

CrystalGB said...

In the movie Open Range, Kevin Costner played a great cowboy. He was really sexy. I also think Tom Selleck is great in cowboy roles.
I have to agree with you about Sam Elliot. Yum.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Donna - great to have you here.

Now if Anne McAllister was commenting I know there would only be one cowboy she'd want to vote for - and I think I'd feel the same . . . but I'll let her come and talk about him.


Anne McAllister said...

Like I have time to talk, Kate? The revision monster is tapping its foot outside the door.

Favorite cowboy?

Jess Harper, hands down.

Jess was in Laramie, a TV show in the early 60s. Yes, I'm dating myself, but it's worth it! He was played by Robert Fuller. Definitely drool-worthy and a great guy.

I could talk a lot longer, but the tapping is getting louder. Sorry.
Here's a shortened link, though -- you can read about him there:

Donna Alward said...

What about Legends of the Fall? Note: I'm not a huge Pitt fan, but there was something about that movie. was filmed in my neck of the woods.

And in a newer vein...for those of you who've seen Brokeback...are you a Heath or Jake person?

(My answer is actually found in my word verification that just popped up - "gleejg" (Glee Jake Gyllenhal) LOL

Kate Walker said...

There, I knew the mention of a cowboy would bring Anne to say the words 'Jess Harper' - and so I can say 'me too!'

Legends of the Fall - well you can keep Brad Pitt, I'm not a fan at all - but Aidan Quinn . . . that's a very different matter. But then I have this thing about blue-eyed, black haired Irishmen - cowboy or not.

Anne McAllister said...

Kate, yes, definitely Aidan Quinn.

Didn't like the film, though. Scenery was gorgeous, however. It's odd how they keep making films about Montana and shooting them in Alberta. It's not because MT doesn't have its share of great scenery.

And, Donna, yeah, Sam Elliot is memorable, but not in Jess's league! And of the Brokeback two, Jake, please.

Donna Alward said...

Anne, that's because it's cheaper to make them here. :-) And the bonus for us too is that secondary cast is often made up of local actors (or at least West Coast actors, :-) )

I agree...Aidan Quinn and those STUNNING eyes.

Can I also confess to liking Lorne Greene?

C.Gwynn said...

Okay, I know he isn't a real cowboy but growing up how I loved Michael London as "Joe Cartwright" in Bonanza. Those eyes and his smile, mmmm.

PatriciaW said...

Hi Donna -- Hopped over from your blog. Can't say I have a favorite cowboy--since I don't like Westerns much--but I can certainly second Sam or even Lorne. What about Michael Landon? Never really watched the show but he was certainly sexy in the promos.

lidia said...

As I child I used to watch "Bonanza." My favorite was Adam -- Pernell Roberts. Something about tall, dark and handsome.... sigh......

Donna Alward said...

Who knew Bonanza would bring people out of the woodwork?


Cherie J said...

My favorite cowboy would have to have been Heath Barkley played by Lee Majors in The Big Valley. i used to love watching that show and thought the Barkley brothers were hunky.

Kate Walker said...

Lidia - I'm with you. Michael Landon was cute - but boyish Pernell Roberts was a man. I have some great memories of that show

Donna Alward said...

Ooooh! Oooh! Just thought of one.

Viggo Mortenson in HIDALGO.


Keep is going to intrude for a bit but I promise tomorrow I'll make my own cowboy pick the winner!

Donna Alward said...

And don't forget...what about literary cowboys? What about books you've read?

Anne McAllister said...

Yes to Pernell Roberts as Adam, Kate. Michael L never did it for me.

Literary cowboys? The Virginian. And of course, Shane. And he's more of a tracker and scout but Lew Wetzel in the old Zane Grey books was definitely to die for. He was more to die for as a literary figure than as a historical personage, however. Let's be clear about that.

As for 'real' cowboys -- Tuff Hedeman, Brett Leffew, Lane Frost.

But for pure daydreaming fantasy, I'll still go with Jess Harper above them all.

Christa said...

Hi Donna I'm seeing you everywhere lately.
Movies/TV- Michael Landon
Literary- three way tie Sebastian Daniels, Boone Connor and Trvis Evans. The three cowboys from Vicki Lewis Thompson's Three Cowboys and a Baby. I guess I would have to include Nate Grady too because technically his book is part of the series too.

Anonymous said...

Donna, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford and Paul Newman all made gorgeous cowboys in my opinion. I seem to remember Steve Mcqueen also made some westerns. I think Clint is my all time favorite though..


Anonymous said...

My favorite cowboy is John Wayne. However, I think Robert Duvall portrays the cowboy stood and what he stood for. My favorite cowboy singer is George Strait, and my favorite authors that write about cowboys are Luke Short and Ernest Haycock. My favorite sexy cowboys were the ones Patrice Michele wrote about (Colt's Choice)WOW
And of course, Sam Elliott can put his horse in my corral any day!

Donna Alward said...

Gosh yes, and how did we forget about singers?

I love George Canyon. He might show up as casting for a future cowboy story....

Anonymous said...

My favorite cowboy is John Wayne...when one thinks of the taming of The Old West there is no other. Of course Robert Redford and Sam Elliot do good jobs of portraying cowboys although they arn't really considered "cowboys".

ellie said...

I have cowboys on the brain since I live in the West. My faves were Roy Rogers which I watched everyday after school in the '50's. The rifleman, Chuck Connors was another favorite and my one and best is Dennis Weaver.

anne said...

Cowboys are my heroes. They represent principles, strength and integrity. My ultimate cowboy would be Wyatt Earp since he represents strength of character, values and I loved him in Tombstone. Wonderful!

sharon said...

I love the topic today. It is so close to my heart. Being from the East and then moving to the West when I was much older has given me a perspective on this fabulous subject. Cowboys rule. I always thought of Gary Cooper in High Noon. He is the epitome of what a cowboy means to me.

Anonymous said...

Viggo Mortenson in HIDALGO for sure and my favourite country singer cowboy has to be Alan Jackson.

Michele Payne

Sue A. said...

Clint Eastwood in his younger years was a great cowboy with his quiet manner and air of mystery.

Jaynie said...

For me, cowboys will always be associated with Sunday afternoons, watching John Wayne movies with my Dad when I was a kid. He made a perfect cowboy.

Cheryl said...

As Anne McAllister knows, J.D. Holt from her book, A Cowboy's Secret is my favorite cowboy of all time, all types of media. Anne writes such wonderful cowboys and J.D. just came alive for me while reading that book.

Unknown said...

I would have to go with Sam Elliot for my cowboy. There is something about him, I don't know if its his voice or what, that makes him sexy. He just really turns me on.

Unknown said...

Talking about cowboys with great voices.....then I would have to go with James Garner. Then there was Ben Johnson. He was always a sidekick who could be trusted to be there when needed, and he was a good actor with a memorable voice. And I agree with everyone about John Wayne, Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck........and you want us to choose just one?

Donna Alward said...

One of my favorite movies is Maverick with James Garner and Mel Gibson. A laugh a minute. Not really cowboys, but still.

So... give me a bit and I'll draw a name to win copies of both books, and e-mail the winner's name to Kate!

And thanks so much for participating!


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