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Great Big Blog Party - 4 - Trish Morey

Well, I did say that my guest bloggers come from all over the world - today's guest is an Australian - a fabulous lady and a wonderful friend - not to mention a great writer - Trish Morey.

I met Trish at her very first RWA National conference in New York when she had just had her very first book accepted - since then she's gone from strength to strength, with a win in the short romance category for Romantic Book of the Year in her native Australia and her last USA release - The Italian's Virgin Bride - made #1 on the Waldenbooks category bestseller list when it was out in May.

Trish's next book is The Spaniard's Blackmailed Bride which is out with my own The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge in July (UK and USA)

Trish - being Australian - has chosen to write about cricket - being just a Pom, I'm saying nothing - nothing at all - about the England team's performance . . . Instead, I'll just hand you over to Trish. Don't forget to add your comments to have a chance of winning Trish's prize.

It’s Just Not Cricket!

But who cares? 50 not out, that’s some innings in anyone’s language. And Kate Walker has managed it in grand style, stepping up to the crease and delivering on that Presents promise time and time again.

I love Kate’s books. Each and ever story contains a freshness that belies the fact she’s written half a century of books for Modern Romance/Presents. 50 books! All those stories, all those characters, all those romances. How does a writer keep doing that? I have to admit, I’m seriously in awe.

Because just like scoring runs in international cricket, you cannot survive in the international romance world for any length of time unless you have serious talent, which our Kate has in spades. Kate’s not just a batsman, hitting her titles for a bestselling boundary or an over the fence for six and steering her characters and herself out of a sticky wicket. Kate’s equally adept at bowling the odd maiden over, and bowling her over very well indeed. All in all Kate’s a fabulous all-rounder.

At a time when the England cricket team’s fortunes are flagging, I’m just glad HM&B found her before they did.
Congratulations Kate, and here’s to the next half century!

Not that Kate needs any inspiration, and I know cricket isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but which sportsman do you think would make the perfect Presents/Modern hero?
Post your suggestion, preferably with a link so we can all check him out, and you could win a signed copy of one of my books!


Anonymous said...

Ohh, Trish, love your cricket theme! Have to admit I'm a Pom who loves watching cricket and some of those guys are well worth watching! I'm going to go away and think very carefully now about which one would make the perfect Presents/Modern hero. Naturally this will involve me studying lots of pictures and giving the matter lots of thought... Tough job, but someone's got to do it!

Nicola Cornick

Anonymous said...

Well said, Trish!

Nope, for me it'll have to be tennis. Andre Agassi. (Probably more of a Modern Extra than a Modern as he's very laid back.)

Pic here - look at the twinkle in his eyes. Or - bearing in mind I have a penchant for men with long hair - here, back in the days when I remember watching Wimbledon during exams... (yeah, yeah, so it dates me too)

Trish Morey said...

Hi Nic! Aren't they just worth watching? You know, it doesn't matter if it's cricket whites, or yellow firefighter overalls, or full police leathers - gotta say there's something luscious about fit men in uniform.
Glad to hear you're prepared to put in a few of the hard yards to answer my questions - nothing like a bit of research:-))

Hey there Kate! Yeah, Andre's pretty cool. Definitely all male. I thought I'd prefer him with hair, but after looking at that second pic, maybe not quite that much - lol!

Anonymous said...

Trish you're a woman after my own heart, I am a rare breed, an Irish woman who loves Cricket. For me, it has to be either Michael Vaughan (after years of loyalty and believing that England can and will repeat their Ashes success) for my hero, or the very yummy and delicious Stephen Fleming of New Zealand...and Brett Lee from Oz has a certain something too...hmmmm. Thanks Trish!!!!!
x Abby Green

Anonymous said...

Howzat!!! Cricket, the proper game, not the Pyjama version is all about the game. I like the heroic efforts and the team pulling together, but who can see anything through the face protectors or the padding, or Brett Lee's singing?? I've read books with soccer, AFl, mountaineering (really popular in the 'olden' days) big game fishing- is that a sport??
I'm thinking Tennis(Like Wimbledon) or maybe Golf (Tin Cup) or some Extreme sports? But I think swimmers are the best, or better yet a Triathlete!!!

Trish Morey said...

Okay, I've just done a bit of quick research (you guys have to help me with this, I'll be asleep soon! But here we go - Stephen Fleming from the NZ cricket team in all his glory...


As for Brett Lee, here we go...http://www.cricket-online.com/images/players/56735101.jpg

Names I need, 2paw, names! (And pref links, so we can all enjoy)

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish, Cricket's is less exciting than watching grass grow unless it's us playing the Windies - love those guys bums!
But I've decided it would have to be Mark Phillipousis. Tall, dark, hairy, handsome. He has the look of a Greek god, Presents hero - kinda threatening. Danged if I can't find any good images. Sorry off to Colorado in the morning so haven't got time to trawl... er... I mean search further!
Have fun drooling tho.

Trish Morey said...

Ooh Catherine, have to admit that the Phillipousis bod has inspired the odd hero or two - I wonder why?

Keep those heroes coming!

Donna Alward said...

Lance Armstrong. Although as a Romance writer, I can see him as a romance hero too....LOL.

CrystalGB said...

I think a tennis or soccer player would be a good choice.

Lois said...

Ooh, another Australian! :) I read my first Australian heroine a week or so ago in the Sheikh's Ransomed Bride by Annie West. Very cool! :)

Alas, don't know much about cricket. . . just about nothing, actually. LOL :) Well, other than you use "young crickets" at certain times of the year (ala I Love Lucy) ;)


Kate Walker said...

Thank you Trish!

I'm not much of a cricket fan - but tennis . . yes! And Mr Phillipousis has provided plenty of inspiration for me - as has Mr Rafter. . .

Our own Tim Henman isn;t quite the Presenst hero but he did once get this lady novelist into an embarrassing situation - we had a very critical next door neighbour and I was watching tennis one hot June afternoon - when Tim was actually winning. I got really enthusiastic shouting to encourage him - going 'Oh yes, Tim! More! More!' 'Come on Tim - do it!' (you get the idea ;-) )

It was only when the match was over that I realised that our patio doors had been wide open - and the neighbour was in his garden listening. He gave me some very strange looks for a while afterwards.

I'm going off to explore -some of these suggestions - just as research of course -As Nicola says (Hi Nicola!) it's a hard job but someone has to do it . . .

Sue A. said...

I agree tennis is a good match. A gentleman's sport.

ChristyJan said...

I think David Beckham would make the perfect Presents/Modern hero

Cherie J said...

Since having my baby girl 7 months ago I don't have much time to watch sports anymore. Hubby's favorite is football so when it is football season I try and catch a game or two when the kids allow me the time. I think Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers is very handsome. He would make a good hero. Here's a link to his fan website in case you want to see some pictures:


Annie West said...


Am so enjoying this discussion. As I have an awful head cold and my brain isn't functioning, names of heroes currently elude me. Though I do agree that Mark Philippousis could inspire a Presents hero. I must confess to spending a lot of time daydreaming during the last football world cup too - so many fit, good looking guys...

Lois, noticed that you enjoyed your first Aussie heroine in 'The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride'. How wonderful! Can I suggest that you pick up one of Trish's storys soon - her Aussie heroines are terrific.

Kate, now the blog party is underway I can say officially - Congratulations on the 50th book! How terrific.

Off now to bed with a lemon and honey drink.


Trish Morey said...

Am loving all these suggestions! Donna, I think Lance Armstrong is a hero in anyone's language for sure.

Crystal, tennis or soccer player? That cuts down the field:-)) There's certainly a lot to be said for fit athletic bods.

Lois, great to see you've discovered Annie West's books! Isn't Annie's sheikh yum? Sorry to hear you're under the weather, Annie, but lovely to see you here.

Kate, lol on the neighbour and the funny looks! And it's a real pleasure to be here, thanks for inviting me along to your celebration.

Thanks Sue and Christy - another tennis player and another soccer player - David Beckham. Hmm, true, he's sure looked pretty good at times. Definitely worth mulling over...

Cherie, I have to thank you for bringing Brett Favre to my attention. I'd never "met" him before (I'm an Aussie Rules girl myself - C'arn the Blues!)but he's definitely watchable.

Right, keep those suggestions coming. I'm off to primary school to do my creative writing thing - be back later on to see who else you've come up with.

Anonymous said...

In his younger days Imran Khan would have made a great Pesents hero, definitely a Sheikh. The only sport I watch these days is basketball and the only player that stands out is former Lakers player Rick Fox.


Laurie B said...

Well being a Canadian I don't know Cricket players very well. I do know soccer and football players though and there are definately some yummy ones out there. Of course Beckham and Ljundberg are fantastic looking soccer players. Jason Taylor is definately someone I could see as a hero in book. He is just all sorts of tall, dark and yummy.



Trish Morey said...

Oh yes, Chris, Imran Khan, just the ticket! I used to think he and Jemima looked so glamorous together - a shame when the romance doesn't last. I think that's one thing I love about writing Presents - our heroes and heroines are so passionate, it might not all be plain sailing, but after what they've been through together, they've got the nouse to work things out and stay together.

I had to go check out Rick Fox - oh yes - very tall, dark and dangerous (just the way I like them LOL) I can just see him as a buccaneer, a bit like my Spanish hero, Diablo, coming up in July.

Great suggestions!

Trish Morey said...

Laurie, where did you spring from? You weren't there when I wrote that last post:-))

I just had to go google.


Oh my...

And if that wasn't feast enough for the eyes, Jason Taylor just about did me in. What a line up these guys make. How am I supposed to choose just one?

Trish Morey said...

What happened to Nic?

Must be doing some ve-ry serious research...


Trish Morey said...

Thank you everyone for your fabulous men, and I admit it, I failed - I couldn't pick just one!

So I've chosen three winners who will all get a book of their choice from my booklist (check out the books page at www.trishmorey.com and let me know)

And the winners are...

Catherine - because Phillipousis is such a shining example of Greek manlihood.

Laurie, for suggesting Ljundberg (I'm still drooling),


Laurie B for Rick Fox. Talk about edgy!

Congrats to you all!

I'm sure the wonderful Kate will put you in touch and I"ll get your chosen books off to you quick smart. Meanwhile, enjoy all the celebratory blogs. What a wonderful month!

Trish Morey said...

Whoops, I'm so sorry, that was Chris for Rick Fox!

That's what comes of trying to do the internet while the family want to eat.

Sorry Chris, you're a winner, alongside Laurie and Catherine.


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