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Great Big Blog Party 27 - Trish Wylie

I’m dodging rain and thunderstorms again to post today’s Guest Blog – but just writing this brings back wonderful memories of a sunny weekend at the beginning of June when today’s guest was actually here in my house. In fact there were two Irish authors staying with us that weekend - the BM was in heaven! And if there’s one sort of person who can talk more than most it’s an author let out of the ‘writing cave’ – away from the isolation of the desk and the keyboard – and into company for a while. And if there’s anyone who can talk even more that that, then it’s an Irish writer let out of her cave!

So what I remember most about my weekend with Trish Wylie is the talking – and more talking – and more talking that we did. And I loved every minute of it. (She helped me wrapped the presentation books as well – but we talked a lot while we were doing that! ) We also discovered that we had scarily similar tastes in music - maybe it's something to do with the Irish roots.

Trish – who writes for both Harlequin Romance and for Modern Extra is another of those people I ‘met’ on the eHarlequin message boards . (I wouldn’t have half the friends I have if it wasn’t for those boards!). She came on to ask questions as she was starting to write, around the time that she was making her first submission. I was thrilled to discover that she lived in Ireland because that was where my family came from and I have always loved to go back. I first met Trish in person at one of the Mills & Boon Author lunches and we communicated off and on but it was when she started up the wonderful Pink Heart Society that we really connected closely. The PHS is such a wonderful idea – offering an open and enthusiastic welcome to anyone who loves and enjoys category romances and a firm and confident riposte to those who would scorn this very special genre.

Perhaps here would be a good place to recap on a little PHS History

The Pink Heart Society was founded on New Years Day 2006 when Harlequin Romance and Modern Extra author Trish Wylie had an epiphany. She decided that for every one person out there with a bad opinion about category romance, many of whom likely haven't read a one, there should be ten of us punching the air and rejoicing in the fact that these books have made a difference in our lives. Whether through a couple of hours of delightful escapism, or unforgettable emotional journeys taking us through laughter and tears and back again, or in finding a reflection of ourselves in a heroine that has shown us that we are not alone out there. Millions of readers couldn't be wrong, she reasoned and it seemed that rather a lot of people agreed with her as within days The Pink Heart Society mascot was winging his way through cyber space as fellow lovers of romance stood up to be counted...

Since then she has been joined by her close writing friends Ally Blake, Nicola Marsh and Natasha Oakley who will be bringing you daily blogs about all things category, with a lot of help from many, many others in the fabulous, supportive, exciting romance writing community.

Since that day, the PHS with Trish’s enthusiastic and vibrant personality behind it has gone from strength to strength. Recently I’ve been asked to join them as a regular columnist and I’m honoured to do so. I’m proud to be a member of this positive and active group.

Trish and I shared a wonderful time at the Dublin launch of Abby Green's first book . We shared a breakfast together in Bewley's - and talked and talked and talked - and I can't wait to do that again.And I'm always happy to have Trish in my home, talking my head off, charming the BM - rubbing Sid behind the ears - and doing the twiddly bits on any parcels I happen to need to wrap.

You can find Trish's website here and her personal blog is right here

Blog For Kate from Trish

Kate Walker is TALL.

Okay – so that’s maybe not how you expected me to start this blog but well, she IS. And it was the first thing that struck me when I met her at my first AMBA lunch in 2004. She was TALL and she was KATE WALKER!!! You know sometimes in a film when someone is nervous they do that shot where the person they’re speaking to get’s taller and they shrink down the size of a ‘Borrower’ and have that whole squeaky voice thing when they speak? Yuh-huh. THAT’S the mental picture I need you to keep in your head for the day I met Kate. And anyone who has met me will know I’m not usually easily intimidated – I’ll chat to anyone me – but c’mon, it was KATE WALKER.

Thankfully she took a shy and retiring Irish gal to one side and helped her to find her feet. She’s still doing that – though I feel I’m making inroads with the shy and retiring – and I LOVE HER for all her support and advice and lovely cats and super husband and for having Haagan Daz in her house without being asked to and for just being a FRIEND – the best kind of one. I don’t think you can ever have enough of those myself… So when you find one like Kate (no matter HOW TALL THEY MAY BE) – you hope to keep them for the rest of your life – whether you manage to stay a writer for long or not…

Now – everyone on this Blog has been soooo clever with their questions. And I tried to look for *50* things and did all sorts of mathematical equations for the number of marriages and babies there have been in her 50 glorious books (and when some of the early babies might be ready for a book of their own ‘cos I’m just that obsessive) and what happened the year she was first published and yada yada yada – but in the end – I’m afraid this Irish lass will have to confess to the universe she’s just plain easy pleased ‘cos


And has turned me on (interpret that at will….) to Italian heroes (particularly with VITO – YUM). So my question is to bring out your shallow – sorry , erm – appreciative side – If you had a hero from anywhere in the universe (known or unknown) what nationality would he be? Greek, Italian, Irish, Atlantean? You-tell-me…Or is just the general level of yumminess that does it for you? (interpret that one at will too…)

I’m giving away a copy of my July Modern Extra title The Return Of The Rebel in return for confessing to your deepest, darkest *appreciation*… And a copy of the same month’s Romance title Bride Of The Emerald Isle to the person who has a hero they’ve *appreciated* that sounds so yummy it forces me to go find his book…

And Kate – you tall, wonderful darling – MAY THERE BE FIFTY MORE!!!!

PS From Kate - in case you need any extra help with thinking of those heroes - here is the inspiration for Trish's latest hero - Gabe - a man who has been causing her a great deal of frustration and heartache in the writing of him but who, in true romantic heroine mode, she loves all the more because of that.


Ilona said...

To be perfectly honest I like most heroes (Kate's are always worth reading about - soooo yummy :D)and I don't have a preference for nationality. My own preference is just that they be a little bad around the edges with a touch of gentleness for the lady in their lives. Oh and they should be 'hot' to look at ;)

Minna said...

I don't really have a preference for nationality. Italian, Irish or Atlantean... I like them all!

Natasha said...

Trish is on the phone right this minute asking me to let you know that she's without an internet connection. She says 'normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.'

Melissa Leavitt said...

Being blond and fair, I tend to like my heros to be dark. I know, "how original" but what can I say? LOL

an Alpha to the world but a beta for his lady love.

Tall and dark, with deep-set chocolate eyes flecked with gold that burn and glow with anger, passion and mirth. A sexy as hell bad boy with a conscience for the ones he loves. Who can grab life by the collar and yank it off its feet, shaking it for all its worth.

Who can make a pair of faded low slung jeans and black t-shirt look as mouthwatering as an Italian suit.

Who can jump into the fray to save his heroine or stand on the sidelines, cheering her on as she fights her own battles.

Who is not afraid to bend and kiss a scrapped knee, pick flowers, or play barbies in a department store with his little girls.

This hero is dreamy to me, but sorry Trish, you won't find him in any novels.

I married him.


Cherie J said...

I love Cajun heroes. I just love that sexy accent. My husband is Cajun from his mother's side but unfortunately he does not have the accent since he was raised in a part of Louisiana that is not part of Cajun country.

A Cajun hero I can think of that I loved would be Gator Fontenot Night Game by Christine Feehan. He is sexy but tough and he has that Cajun accent that melts like syrup.

Marcy said...

For me, it's an accent that does it. As a Canadian, I'm drawn to accents of all nationalities but I'm especially fond of Southern and Scottish accents. Kind of diverse, huh? What can I say...I know what I like.


lidia said...

I love alpha heroes that can be tender towards the heroine. For some reason, I prefer, tall and dark -- they just sound yummy to me.

As for nationality, I really have no preference. Accents are nice.

It is difficult to pick just one yummy hero from all of the great romance books that I've read.

mammakim said...

Hmmm I don't have a preference for nationality I don't think. My hubby is Italian though. I like a hero who is sensitive, caring funny but has an rough edge that doesn't make him wimpy.

lidia said...

I'm back. I gave it some thought and came back with the one yummy hero. There are many others that I could mention but I'll stick with this choice:

Anne McAllister's 'Alec' from "Island Interlude." The book is an oldie but goodie. Everything that this alpha did was with the best intentions. At the end he was prepared to let the heroine go, if that was what she wanted -- because he wanted what was best for her. What I find remarkable is that in those days, we didn't get to read from the heroes perspective. Including the hero's POV has become more common now. Yet, even without that aspect 'Alec' comes across as an honorable alpha. That's a great achievement and a nod to Anne for her great talent in writing about such a yummy character.

Biddy said...

I have a thing for Scotsman... something to do with their accents (and something about me liking redheads)

Mind you I am not against any hot men... let us not descriminate!

Kate Hardy said...

Dark hair and blue eyes do it for me every time. (Am married to Bruce Willis look-alike... happy sigh...)

However, I do have a thing about a certain Mr Banderas. (Nice pic, Kate. Good choice.) And a certain Mr Armitage (ditto).

Donna Alward said...

It's a general level of yumminess for me too, although, like Marcy, I do have a thing for an accent.

Especially when that accent is found on a man who's smart and articulate...

CrystalG said...

I don't have a preference of what nationality the hero is as long as he is yummy. :)
The hero that I have loved lately has been Elizabeth Hoyt's Edward de Raaf in The Raven Prince. Even though he was scarred, the love he had for Anna made him gorgeous.

Pam said...

I tend to favor a lusty Scotsman who'll do anything to protect his lady, but if he' hot, any nationality will do, lol. Now meeting a true Atlantean with all those secrets, that would truly intrigue me.

Virginia said...

I like all hero's it doesn't matter as long as they look good and are very sweet and gentle.


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