Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 45 Katie Fforde

Today's guest blogger Katie Fforde is one of the fabulous people that the RNA brought into my life. Katie says she doesn't quite remember where we first met - but I remember exactly when I first saw her. It was at the RNA one day seminar in Bath - I think that was 1997. Katie was a speaker that day, talking about her route to publication. I had already 'met' her through her novels - Living Dangerously and The Rose Revived.

Later we met in person and I soon learned that being with Katie, wherever you are, is always fun. She is charming and witty and so easy to talk to. When I first set up that RNA Virgins scheme, I also organised a Meet An Author arrangement so that a conference newcomer could meet and chat with an author of their choice. I remember that lots of the Virgins wanted to meet Katie and she was unstintingly generous with her time - everyone of them who met her loved the experience.

We don't meet up enough - the Conferences and the RNA Awards lunches just keep us in touch - but Katie is one of those people for who quatity doesn't matter - it's the quality of being able to pick up as if we've never been apart and to laugh, joke, share a glass or two - or three - of wine. Being with Katie is always easy. She's like her books. Not for nothing are her novels described as 'Witty and generous romance — Jilly Cooper for the grown-ups!’

That witty and generous accolade could be awarded to Katie herself - though she's much more glamorous than Jilly Cooper - and I'm really delighted to welcome her to my blog.

Here's how Katie Fforde describes herself :

Katie is currently finishing (yes she is!) her fourteenth novel - published one that is. She lives in the Cotswolds with her family and some of her children and her two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. She plays a lot of Spider patience.

And here's her blog.

I can't remember quite when I met Kate for the first time but I'm fairly sure we were had glasses (mugs, cups, vases) of wine in our hands. We were drawn to each other by this as well as by having more or less the same name. I reckon she must have started writing her novels while in kindergarten or how has she fitted that many in? Even Kate has to eat and sleep, after all. And she does run the occasional writing course. She's a marvel! For those of you who've never met her and think she sounds fun from this blog - she's EVEN MORE fun in real life. And that takes some doing.

She's a wonderful woman. I'd say worthy of the halo she nearly got to wear when she looked after conference newbies a couple of years ago. But if she wore a halo, would she be such good company?

Big love, Kate!!!!

Katie oxoxo

The prize is a signed copy of Paradise Fields - my favourite book.

My giveaway question is -
What is the scariest situation you can imagine a Katie Fforde heroine could be in? But remember KF herself has to do everything she puts her heroines through and she is a wuss.

Katie's web site is at
And her latest book - Going Dutch came out in paperback on June 7th


Virginia said...

What about parachuting out of an airplane. I don't think I could do it now, but back in my younger days I might have tried it. I don't like heights anymore. It sounds like it would be an amazing thing to do if you have the guts.

Ray-Anne said...

Polly Cameron from 'Living Dangerously' holding a tiny parasol, whilst balancing on a high wire in a circus tent! YAY!
Loved this book!

Rachel said...

Speaking from experience, how about a corporate 'bonding' outward bound week somewhere bleak(i.e miles from the nearest pub)?
She would have to endure absailing, rolling over in canoes, pulling gorse prickles out of, well, everywhere, pitch her own very wet tent and still manage to be polite to the boss.

Sue A. said...

Katie is flying in a small aircraft to reach a very exclusive and private South American vacation resort, but something goes wrong and they are forced to crash land the plane in the jungle. The pilot is injured and Katie must make the trek through the jungle to the nearest village for help. Katie makes it safely through the jungle, avoiding wild pigs, jungle cats, poisonous snakes and insects. The only problem is that to reach the village there is also a river to cross. I'm not a swimmer, so the idea of swimming across a river is scary enough, but how about making it the Amazon River and it's infest with piranhas!

Anne Gracie said...

I love Rachel's one.
Of course, her boss, usually immaculate and distant in a beautiful suit, now appears rugged and brooding in a fisheman's wollen jumper (nest to his skin), sopping wet jeans, hiking boots and designer stubble.
He's furious as he hadn't intended to be part of this idiotic bonding thing, but there's A Bet On.
So our heroine needs to be hauled through the course...

Anne Gracie said...

woollen woollen woollenwoollen woollen woollen
next next next next next next next next next
I must learn to type I must learn to type I must learn to type I must learn to type

Anne Gracie said...

fisherman fisherman fisherman fisherman fisherman fisherman fisherman fisherman

As well as learning to type, I must learn to proofread before I post anything. As well as learning to type, I must learn to proofread before I post anything. x100

Anne McAllister said...

How about Rachel's scenario with Anne G's hero and a heroine lugging a typewriter (no wireless connection and batteries in the jungle) saying, "I must learn to type, I must learn to type" while he's hauling her through the jungle?

Conversely, she could be hauling HIM through the jungle while she continues to type (because he's been bitten by a piranha or something). No fair making us write all the book for you, Katie!

Phillipa said...

Katie - I actually went abseiling for my book. It was horrible so I'd like a KF heroine to scuba dive with sharks (wearing Country Casuals and M&S undies). LOL

bamabelle said...

I've heard about people going down in those diving cages to view Great White Sharks. Of course, I think those people have a major psychosis, so maybe not the best choice lol. How about going on an expedition through the Amazon rain forest? Again, I would not do this either. Anywhere that the snake population is higher than the human population is not for me. :)

ChristyJan said...

Bungee Jumping ~ thinking about it scares me to death ~ watching others do it on TV is more than I can watch.

annie said...

This would be a bootcamp type experience. A hike through the caverns which would be a test of endurance and stamina, followed by a trek through the nearby rainforest which would be naturally mosquito infested and filled with those creepy crawlies. Then a complete report due for the monthly inventory.

Kate Hardy said...

How about becoming a snake charmer? (Wouldn't be scary for me... at least, it wouldn't have been until the time I took the kids to the dinosaur park and the snake handler whipped the snake away because he said it was about to make a meal of my friend's arm...)

Katie, as you know I love your books. Even though I was nearly chucked off a train for giggling so much when I was reading 'The Rose Revived' (if you weren't so nice, I'd have to hate you for writing such brilliant and truly funny books).


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