Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great Big Blog Party #41 - and # 43 - Winner - and a Kate bit about next week

I've heard from Anne Gracie that Hunkthighs and Shoulderman have chosen their winner

Troy Hunkthighs was very taken with a pome that talked about a lay in the hay - any idea of laying and hay gets his vote - but Clint wanted to go with pulling a name from his hat - and in the end, for fairness that's just what they did

So the winner of a copy of The Perfect Rake is Cherie J

Congratulations Cherie if you could send your details please. For speed you can send them direct to Anne and cc them to me to be sure

This is because for the next week or so I shall be on the move - going to Caerleon Writers' Holiday starting with driving to Malvern tomorrow. (Though with the rain still coming down we might be swimming!) . I'll be trying to log in every day if I possibly can and I hope I have all the blogs for the last few days of the Great Big Blog Party already lined up ready to post. But things can go wrong . . .

So if I miss a day, I apologise in advance and I'll make sure that I post all the guest bloggers as and when I can - and the collecting of addresses and sending them on to winners might bet a little delayed - but even if I can't keep as up to date as when I'm at home, everything will all be sorted out in the end - I promise!

Unless of course I end up trying to post from underwater in Wales

PS - I just heard from Amanda Grange - who was unfortunately away on holiday while her post was up . (Was it a very wet holiday Amanda?)

But now that she's back she has chosen a winner - here's the message she posted on the Comments section announcing her choice:

Thanks to everyone for dropping in! They're all great heroes, but I'm going to pick Anne McAllister as the winner because she reminded me about Max Ravenscar, one of my favourite Heyer heyeros! If you send me your snailmail details, Anne, at, I'll put a signed copy of Mr Darcy's Diary in the post for you.Thanks to everyone for entering! Amanda

Congratulations Anne! I hope you enjoy reading Mr Darcy's Diary. I think we'd all love to know what was going on inside that particular hero's head!


Cherie J said...

Thank you Kate! I emailed her and cc'd you.

KimW said...

Troy Hunkthighs just went straight to the top of my list. He's my man! Oh and Clint just went straight to the bottom. lol

Congrats, Cherie


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