Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 32 Brigid Coady

So, we've caught up with some of the prizes - now it;s time to get back on to the Guest Blogs. in the comments section yesterday, Lidia said that she couldn't believe we were still partying in here - well, you better believe it! This party was set to be going on through June and July and it's going to run for another couple of weeks yet. If we're lucky we might even make in to 50 posts. So keep coming back - and tell all your friends to visit too! We still have some wonderful writers joining us - I'm hoping to make this the best blog party ever.

Today's Guest Blogger is another of those 'Ex RNA Virgins' who became a 'cyber daughter' - remember them? Julie Cohen. Anna Scamans and today's Guest Blogger - Biddy Coady.

The first time ever I met Biddy was at the RNA Conference at the University of Surrey in Guildford in 2003. (Is it really only 4 years, Biddy? I feel as if I've known you for ever). In those days, Biddy was an IT project Manager and working on writing a Regency romance. She also worked as a DJ in her spare time - that postion has been more of less reversed. These days she's more of a Country Music star DJ on CMR Nashville and she is one of the voices on Oneword. And she has the voice for it - on the radio her voice is sexy as can be. She's still working on her writing. The Regencies have been left behind and replaced by sensual and humourous short stories and - er - teddy bear detectives!

The other thing I associate with Biddy - along with her Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban obsessions - is her generous hand with champagne. That first time I met, her she was carrying a couple of carrier bags that clanked loudly- but she's always prepared to share, specially if you let her watch the Country Music awards late at night! In January we shared a trip to Dublin to celebrate the publication of Abby Green's first novel and shared a little wine - just a little! And then again just last month we shared a little more wine at the celebration dinner in Lincoln - hmm - every time I connect up with Biddy it seems to involve a little sip or two of wine . . .she's a bad, bad influence.

She's also wonderfully warm, great fun - and she scrubs up pretty well as you will see from this elegant portrait of her dressed to the nines (or perhaps even the tens) ready to go to Royal Ascot - and even into the royal enclosure. Great hat Biddy - and worn with great panache too. Oh yes - and Biddy is of course Dylan's greatest fan. Sid may be the cyber star, the Calendar pin up, but it is the little grey tabby with the powerful shoulders and only one eye who has won Biddy's heart - so, just for you Biddy, here's your boy . . .

And here's your post - Biddy Coady.

That Kate Walker has allowed me to sully her blog with inane country music fuelled drivel tells you what sort of a lady she is.

I met Kate through the RNA about four years ago and was one of her “virgins” at my first RNA conference. She took me under her wing and over the years I have been lucky enough to become one of her cyber-daughters. As a cyber-mum she doesn’t tell me I drink too much or that I don’t phone home often enough, in fact she is normally the one pouring the wine. She has also given me some fantastic support when I decided that maybe my writing would take a backseat whilst I launched my radio career.

Letting me take over her television set when staying at hers so we could watch the CMA Awards so I could be up to speed on who was on the up on the country music scene (OK there was also a bit of drooling going on… Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney always guaranteed to get a group of romance writers inspired).

When Kate invited me to both join this blog party and also to her big celebration in Lincoln I jumped at the chance. And I’m glad I have. The creative juices have started flowing again, as they always do after a shot of that Kate Walker magic, and I am planning my newest project… a book!

Giveaway Question: Some of the best stimuli for my creative juices are hanging out and visiting with the best people in the world, romance writers. What gets your creative juices flowing?

Giveaway Prize: Miranda Lambert’s latest CD “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (can’t promise to have it signed though!)

Bio: I live in central London and currently work as a radio presenter for, a spoken word station part of channel 4 radio and , a country music internet station.


Cherie J said...

My kids spark my imagination. It is amazing what they come up with. You never know what they will come up with next. I especially love watching my 4 year old have conversations with his action figures. It is so cute!

pearl said...

When the sun is shining brightly, and the mountains are etched against the bright blue sky then I have motivation and am prodded into action.

diane said...

When I have a paper due which requires a great deal of time and effort, my husband can make a simple statement of fact. This definitely starts the work process and my creation begins.

Amy S. said...

My family! I babysit my nieces and nephew a lot and they have so much energy.

alissa said...

I get my inspiration from my wonderful husband whose faith in me always restores my confidence.

cas2ajs said...

It's my kids for me too. Sometimes when I'm just too tired and feeling overwhelmed, a smile from them or a corny kids' joke puts a smile on my face and puts me back in the mood to face the world again.


joelle said...

My sister whose outlook on life is positive and wonderful shows me the road to success and inspires my future.

Virginia said...

I guess music gets me going on projects. Although I do enjoy making quilts so if someone has a baby on the way then I will start piecing a quilt

Sue A. said...

I look to nature for inspiration. It's amazing how intricate the designs found in nature are.

Sir Sidney, ACOSB said...

Well, what sparks my imagination is certainly NOT three (count them if you dare) picture of Dylan the Villainous on MY blog!

Unless, of course, you expect me to imagine Dylan packing his bags and LEAVING (which would be brilliant, but unlikely because, let's face it, who but a saint like Kate would put up with him).

And, my dear Kate, if you are reading this, it is not so surprising that Miz Coady is Dylan's Number One fan. What is surprising is that there may be two. Is there a second one? Inquiring minds (unlike Dylan's ) want to know.

In any case, we have endured him. And we will deign to allow Miz Coady to visit again, but we will hope she confines her raptures to Mr Urban and Mr Chesney in future. They, at least, are worth it.

Tolerantly yours,
Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Eamon Portly-Lummox, earl of all sorts of places and endurer of idiot small grey cats, A(nnoyed) C(at) (of) S(uperior) B(rain).

Biddy said...

Thank you for all your comments!! Isn't it great when inspiration comes from all different places. I don't have children (or nephews or nieces) but I can see where they would inspire you.

Ahhh mountains... Pearl - I love mountains, we used to live in Colorado and always seeing them there was beautiful. I try and get back there when I can.


KateHewitt said...

Reading good books, listening to music, watching movies--I suppose seeing and hearing and appreciating others' work!

CrystalG said...

Gorgeous scenery, an upbeat song, encouragement from family and friend.

annie said...

When I think of my 2 sons and the charm, sweetness and beauty that they bring to my life then I feel fulfilled and gratified.

JOYE said...

I am the kind of person who sees something or reads something and thinks I can do it different or better this way. Also, I am very artistic and have been a watercolor painter for a long time. I see things as an artist does-it is not just a pot of geraniums-there are shadows, bright leaves, dead leaves, loamy soil, etc.

robynl said...

A beautiful sunny day, breeze slightly blowing, sitting under my umbrella on the patio and listening to good music(often relaxing instrumental music) works for me.


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