Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 27, 29 & 30 - Prize Catch Up

Right lets have a Great Big Blog Party winners catch up :

First up is Trish Wylie - whose absence on the day of her blog was caused by her brother switching everything off and going on holiday - no internet connection!

So Trish has had to go rather a long way to find a connection and send the news of her winners - a long - long way!

Here's what she says:

Right from New York I choose Lidia for the Anne McAllister recommendation to add to my reading list - so she gets Bride of the Emerald Isle

And Melissa for the lovely description of her hubby...and she gets Return of the Rebel


Next Guest Blogger with a prize on offer is Jane Wenham-Jones whose winner is Rachel

All the replies were great - enjoyed them all. But Rachel's was the one that made me chuckle the most. It was the image of the gin hidden behind the cookbook - you and me girl! :-)
Thanks so much for commenting though each and every one of you. You all sound great - shame we can't have a real-life fiftieth party together and get that champagne flowing. Hurrah for Kate eh?
(See you at the end of the month, sweetie - shall buy you a big drink then xx )
best to all janexx

Rachel - you win a signed copy of Wannabe a Writer - together with a signed copy of Jane's third novel One Glass is Never Enough.

And finally, wonderful Liz Fielding who employed her equally wonderful DH to pick a name out of a hat - and he picked Dena .

Dena you win Reunited: Marriage in A Million - which is on my TBR pile right now.

So ladies, you all know what to do - send me your snail mail adresses and I'll send them to the blogger who donated your prize

And Congratulations


lidia said...

Thanks Trish! You'll love Anne's books.

I can't believe that we are still partying here. Thanks Kate!

Amy S. said...

Congrats to the winners!!!


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