Thursday, July 05, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 28 - Winner

Sometimes I wonder about my readers. I put up a post written by a cat - sorry - A Cat - and he gets one of the greatest responses of all my Guest Bloggers! 22 comments! OK, 2 of them were by Sid himself - but I knew he wasn;t going to stay quiet . And there was some d-o-g who got in there with the weather forecast! (Actually all d-o-g-s are welcome. Anne McAllister's Gunnar the Great has a large place in my heart, as does Mr Byron the Springer Spaniel of Norwich. And there is always young Uffa my sponsored guide dog pup.)

Anyway - Sid has offered me chocolate on pieces of paper to choose the winners. He has also tried sleeping on books. We found that he needed four books to sleep on and because two bits of paper were stuck together (sticky stuff chocolate - much stickier than cat crunchies!) there will be 2 prizes of 2 books each. One of my titles and one of Anne McAllister's)

And the winners are:

Lee Morrison



Congratulations ladies - please send me you snail mail details. I shall be at the RNA Conference over the weekend but I'll get your prizes in the mail after that.


Lee Morrison said...

Oh, Oh! Thank you, Kate! I'm looking forward to the great reading. The kitty contest was so much fun! I enjoyed all the responses.

I couldn't wait to share the news with Titan. He extended a paw of thanks, lightly touched my cheek, and winked before curling up for snuggles.

Thank you to Anne McAllister too!


The desk of Sir Sidney said...

Congratulations to Lee and Joyce. I do not know why my dear Kate wonders about her readers. They are obviously discerning and brilliant and have fine taste in cats (most of them). And certain D.O.G.S are fine. Gunnar, for example, is wonderful. I am not so sure about Byron, for all that he is very good with weather. It has been my experience that springer spaniels, er, spring. Rather a lot. One does not need much springing in one's life. Ergo, one does not need a surfeit of springer spaniels. However, I am sure Byron is by far the best of the breed, and I welcome him to my blog (well, Kate's blog, but only because I permit it).

I have spoken to Anne McAllister, Lee, and she says you are most welcome and she hopes you enjoy whatever book I slept on that Kate sends to you.

Please give my regards to Titan.

Sir Sidney, ACOSB etc etc etc


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