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Great Big Blog Party 30 - Liz Fielding

I can't quite pinpoint exactly when I met today's Guest Blogger - which is a pity as it would be great to recall exactly when the lovely Liz Fielding came into my life. We must have been at the same author days and Mills & Boon Author lunches but I don;t recall ever actually being 'introduced' to her.
But I do recall how I've always enjoyed her bokos so much and how impressed I was when, as I was trying to take my first tentative steps onto the internet, I discovered that she had a web site all of her own - the first English author, I think, ever to do so. This lady had her finger on the pulse, I decided - and then on one trip to New York for RWA, I managed to spend more time with her - and thoroughly enjoyed it, specially the image of the Hotel Manager's discomfiture when confronted by this small, quietly spoken woman's icily righteous indignation at being locked out of her own room by a faulty key. Liz Fielding maybe be small in stature but she is not small in personality, or strength, believe me.

And in my book - and those of many many others - she is not small in stature in the romance writing world either. With innumerable awards - and two RITAs - I'll say that again two RITA's to her credit, she is one of the stars in the Harlequin Romance firmament. Loved by readers and admired by fellow writers. Liz Fielding writes like a dream, her cool, clear, somehow very English prose, effortless to read so that you can just enjoy absorbing the story she weaves so brilliantly
And her stories are always full of one thing - heart. They are stories from the heart, books with heart. Very much like Liz herself. If there were spaces in the group of writers who gathered to celebrate my 50th title in Lincoln last month - and there were a few - then Liz Fielding was definitely one of them. Her presence would have just added to the joy - and the heart - of the occasion.
But at least she can be here at the Great Big Blog Party .
Welcome Liz Fielding
Helping Kate celebrate her 50th Modern Romance is pretty special. We’ve marched along, pretty much shoulder to shoulder with our romances, but Kate has done so much more. Helped so many people to publication. Run courses. Written the definitive book on writing romance.

With so much to choose from, so many books, it should have been a struggle to choose something to pick out, tell the world what make’s Kate special for me.

Not a bit of it. One word sums up both her work and the woman.


The word defines not only Kate’s wonderful romances, but Kate herself. To meet her anywhere in the world, to walk into a hotel in New York, Colorado, London is to be greeted with that unforgettable smile, a huge hug that wraps you in real and genuine warmth.

It’s that same warmth that draws you into her stories. Her heroes are true alphas, men who, like all leaders, stand apart. Stand alone. But her heroines ... oh, those lovely heroines could melt permafrost. The men in their life might as well give up on page one, surrender, recognise that they’ve finally met their match.

Fortunately for us they don’t, but choose to go down fighting. Bliss.

Congratulations on this wonderful anniversary, Kate. I hope I’m still staggering along, just behind you, when you reach your century!
My contribution to the party is a copy of REUNITED: MARRIAGE IN A MILLION, to be published in August.
You’re at a glittering ball and you can have the last dance with the hero of any romance. Who would you choose?


Annie West said...

Liz, what a great question. I've given it lots of thought, and I rather think I would opt for Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. What an unforgettable experience that would be. Hopefully I'd even get to wear a lovely feminine ballgown to match his discreetly exquisite evening dress. I'd get to hear him speak and experience a little of that courtesy and those oh-so-correct manners. Hopefully he'd unwind a little too and enjoy the fun when I told him I was dancing with him in the hope of winning your book!


Kate Hardy said...

Kate, I second everything you said about Liz. I have this theory that authors are like their books - and Liz certainly is. Warm and fabulous.

Liz, that's such a hard question. I think Henry King from Diana Norman's 'The Vizard Mask'. Because he has a beautiful voice. Because he's clever. Because he rescues his heroines even at the cost of offending the king. (We're talking more than one king over the course of the book.) Because he has compassion. Because he knows when to walk away and when to fight. And because he's so incredibly sexy...

(This is one of my all-time fave novels, along with your 'Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes' - Nick Jefferson is top of my list of alternatives!)

CrystalG said...

I would choose Derek Craven from Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You. He is handsome and exciting. A real man who would I could get lost in his arms.

Donna Alward said...

What a hard question...but you know the first hero to pop into my mind is Alex from Nora's Cordina's Royal Family trilogy. I really liked that series. And Alex, as the eldest, was complicated and powerful and elegant and SEXY. Sigh.

Otherwise...Darcy, Mr. Knightley comes to mind...

Lois said...

Oh geez, I hate questions about heroes of romances because my answer just about always changes when I read a new book!!! LOL

But then when I saw Annie's answer, that's when I remembered Mr. Darcy. Totally agree there, thank you very much!!!! :)


Ilona said...

The name that jumped into my mind at that question was Zarek from Sherrylin Kenyon's Dark hunter world. The man is to die for in looks but he has a hidden depth of love and watrmth that his heroinne brings out in him. It is this man I would love dance with and I bet I would enjoy the experience.

robynl said...

Derrick Canvenaugh from All American Father by Anna DeStefano. He'a an ex-football star - muscles, strength-need I say more. Oh yes, and he needs help with his daughter.

Dena said...

Hi Liz,
Well I can think of quite a few I wouldn't mind giving me a twill or two,lol. I will pick Drustan MacKeltar from Kiss of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning though.

Virginia said...

This is a very hard question. My heros change each time I read a new book. I did like Mr Darcy like the others but my latest hero is Logan Crowford from Love, Lies and a Double Shot of Deception by Lois Winston.

Rachael said...

Like many of the others I think Mr Darcy is a good choice, but the hero who stands out in my memory is one of Liz's own - Gabriel York. I fell completely in love with him.

Liz Fielding said...

I should have banned Mr Darcy -- I just knew he'd be top of most people's list! I'm getting lots of great ideas for my own reading, though, so thanks for that.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Liz, it has to be Heathcliff from WUTHERING HEIGHTS. That man never stood a chance. I want to give him a big hug and tell him he has me hooked on alpha heroes forever. :D I wouldn't mind a stroll on the moors with him either. :D

I have to find happy endings. :D

ChristyJan said...

Any of Jude Deveraux's Montgomery men

Cherie J said...

Definitely, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. He was one of my first romantic heroes so I could never forget him.

lidia said...

Liz, great question!

I would have to go with Sebastian Dain from "Lord of Scoundrels" by Loretta Chase. It is a historical book but to me, Dain is a great example of a typical alpha male -- together with some of his own insecurities.


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