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Great Big Blog Party 48 Marion Lennox

Today's Guest Blogger is Marion Lennox and she gave once me a very special thrill when I was at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference in Coogee Beach, Sydney.

She let me touch her RITA. Well, she can afford to be generous - she has won two of the little golden ladies. (Not so little actually!) I was able to stroke my fingers over the coveted golden statuette - the closest I've ever got to having one for myself. But maybe the good luck will rub off on me.

Hmm - no - the truth is that I don't think there is any luck to the fact that Marion has won two RITAs! The reason she has won those two - and been nominated millions of times (well - it feels like it as she's nominated almost every year, and often for more than one book!) - the reason for that is quite simply that she is a wonderful writer. Her books have a fabulous voice and a brilliant quality that I can only describe as heart. Fabulous, vulnerable and sympathetic heroines, strong, honourable and oh so loveable heroes. She even manages to write Medicals ( being honest - they're not my most favourite line) in a way that grabs me and makes me want to read on.

I first met Marion at the RWA Conference in New York - and after the first moment of thinking, you're so tall - the next thing I noticed was how beautiful her eyes are and what a wonderful smile she has. We were supposed to have met before - when she came on a trip to England - but a set of unfortunate events in my family life meant that we kept missing each other. She would phone and I would be out.We tried to connest through the internet - but there were no internet cafés for her . . .

I was disappointed. And when we met in NY, I was even more disappointed in retrospect because I'd missed more time with her, which I would have loved to share. We made up for that in NY and then in Sydney - and she shared that wonderful breakfast that Anne McAllister, Anne Gracie and I enjoyed on the very last day there. I still have the little kangaroo bookmark she gave me - and some wonderful memories - one of which includes a very very good seafood platter in a seaside café.

Great conversation , laughter - wonderful food - great conversation and fantastic books. Is it any wonder that I'm so happy to have Marion Lennox as one of my guest bloggers.

Here'a Marion -

Fifty books? Fifty books!!!! If you laid them end to end, they’d circle a room.

If you laid out the books Kate’s sold you’d practically cross England!

Yay for Our Kate.

This coming year is a special one for Harlequin Mills and Boon – they celebrate a hundred years of publishing. They’ve accomplished that because they’ve searched the world looking for the best writers of romance they can find.

Kate is the best of the best.Kate’s known and loved internationally. Her books are eagerly awaited, retained as `keepers’, and extend the company’s literary reputation as a guarantee of a good night in. The reputation of her books spins off to us, her fellow authors.

Even though Kate’s written fifty she can’t keep up with the demand so readers are forced to put up with the rest of us :-)I’m proud to be sold on the same shelves as Kate. She’s a magnificent writer, producing one sexy, fun read after another.

Congratulations Kate on your fiftieth book. I’m already looking forward to your hundredth.

With much loveMarion Lennox
Marion will give away a signed copy of one of her books - probably her newest release - His Miracle Bride to someone who posts a comment on this question:
Marion L writes for 2 lines- Meds and Romance - which of all the romance lines is your favourite Harlequin line and why?
You know the drill - answers in the comments section, please


Anna Campbell said...

Hi Marion! How fantastic to see you here. For anyone who doesn't know (and what rock have you been hiding under?), Marion Lennox is a legend in romance writing and an inspiration for her fellow Downunderians contemplating publication.

I'd love a copy of your new book (hint, hint!). Actually, picking a favourite Harlequin/M&B line is like trying to choose between your children. I tend to follow writers rather than lines, to be honest. As you say, some of the best in the business are with Harlequin. I love a good Presents - all that operatic emotion and high stakes drama just takes me away to a different world. Give me a Kate Walker or an Annie West or a Lynne Graham and you won't get a peep out of me for a couple of hours. I love a good Tender - they make me laugh and cry and see the world as a better place. I love a great historical - well, obviously, I would, wouldn't I? But I love that Harlequin is willing to take a chance on different eras and settings. I love a good Desire - what's not to like when you pick up a book by someone like Bronwyn Jameson? There are so many great writers working in Medicals - just think of Fiona Lowe or Marion. Oh, man, must stop there. Clearly, I'm a fan!

Annie West said...

Hi Marian, it's great to see you here. I love this blog party with so many authors dropping by to celebrate the special occasion.

As for a favourite Harlequin line, I'll have to be predictable and say Presents. It's the one I write for and I love the strong emotion and the tension between hero and heroine that can really pack a punch. It's the line I've been reading longest too, probably for that reason. Having said that I've spent many many happy hours immersed in Desire, Temptation and Sweet romances. Lately I've delved into the new Modern Extra line which has been a real treat as well as branching into some Medical reading. I think, in fact, one of the strengths of the company is the fact that there's something for every romance reader and every mood, from hot and spicy to adventurous to sweetly enticing. My TBR pile has books from at least 4 different lines in it at the moment. What fun!

Anna, I feel honoured that you've bracketed me with Kate Walker and Lynne Graham. Goodness. I think I'd better go and have a cup of tea to revive myself!


Dena said...

bHi Marion, I buy books by the author more than line too.My TBR pile has a lot of Superromance, Desire,and Presents more than the others.

lidia said...

Hi there Marion!

Honestly I'd have to say that Presents are my favorite. I began reading them when they first came out and to this day they are my favorite.

I do read other books -- H Romances, S Desire one in awhile a H SuperRomance -- but there are more HP books in my TBR pile than any other.

In some ways I find that fact amusing. You see some of the alpha males drive me crazy. I find it difficult that these intelligent, successful males can be so oblivious when it comes to women -- especially that special woman that manages to change them from "roving alley cats" to a "reformed rake."

What I find unbelievable is these alpha males will believe anything that their assistant/family friend, etc... sometimes former lover will say over the word of the heroine even if said heroine is their wife. I want to shake them until their teeth rattle. And yet, there is something that draws me to their story. Is it because I know that there will be a HEA? Is it because I enjoy seeing these mighty males succumb to a "mere" female? I honestly don't know the answer. But I do know that I will keep reading HPs as long as they are published!

robynl said...

Actually I really enjoy the Medical books; I find it fascinating to read about doctors/nurses and the help they give people.

Virginia said...

Hi Marion, I tend to buy books by the author instead of the line. If I were to buy by line I would choose Harlequin Historical, because I love to read Historical romance books. I read a little of everything, but historical are my favorite.

Cherie J said...

I buy by the author rather than by line. If I had to choose between the Medical or Romance lines I would have to choose Romance because it allows for more variety in plots.

Liz Fielding said...

Good question, Marion, but I think the great thing about all those lines is that you can pick and choose for your mood. Medicals when you want your heart ripped out, sexy Presents for those days when you just need that high octane alpha male/alpha female stuff, Romance for the emotion and humour and Historicals when you need Mr Darcy or a sexy Gladiator to take you away from everything...

Joanna Maitland said...

I'm sure Liz is right here, Marion. I read historicals, of course, since that's the line I write for. But when I'm in the right mood, I also read Modern/Presents and lose myself in the fantasy, or Tender/Romance to identify with the heroine, or Medicals for the uplifting stories. Of late, I've also got quite hooked on Modern Extra, too. Some great stories there.

But then, there are so many great stories in our lines. And so many fabulous authors.

Happy 50th book, Kate. And thank you to all the other authors who've given me so much reading pleasure.

CrystalG said...

My favorite Harlequin line is presents. I love the strong, sexy heroes that do whatever it takes to win their heroine.

Kate Hardy said...

Umm. I'm going to have to say Medical and Modern Extra :o)

I love the drama of Medicals, and the 'real world' feeling of the books because there are secondaries (and Marion, you know how much I love your secondaries!)

And we get the same 'real world' feeling in MX, too, because we can have secondaries there *g* - and I'm a bad puppy because I sneak the odd medic into mine. (Doctor heroes just work for me.)

When I want something warm and feelgood, I'll go for Romance - yours and Liz Fielding's being my utter favourites.

I also read Presents - Kate W, Anne McAllister.

And historicals (Nicola Cornick, Michelle Styles, Sylvia Andrews, Elizabeth Rolls, Elizabeth Bailey... local history being my other big passion, which is why you'll always find me yakking to the historicals authors at parties/conferences).

Oh, dear. Just call me a category romance fiend. :o)

Nathalie D. said...

I prefer medical romances... but there is just not enough women doctors in the books... a shame!

Marion Lennox said...

I'm always the late one at the party. The dog's eaten the invitation with the address or I've written the day down but not the month and I turn up after frantic calls from my friends, hauling panty hose on in the back of the cab. So here I am, panty hose intact, thank you very much, thinking these are wonderful comments but of course the best line to write for has to be medical. That's because in meds we can write sexy, funny, emotional, dramatic - all we need to do is insert the odd white coat and we're off and running. Though come to think of it, I've never written a medical historical. Or a medical vampire. Oooh there's a suggestion. Anyone out there want to take on a bit of collaboration?
Noting my penchant for puppies in my books I'd probably have to have cute werewolves, but I'm sure it could be arranged.

Anyway guys, sorry I'm late, but I'm raising a glass in your direction. Happy 50th Kate.


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