Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Kate Bit - quick catch up

It's raining again. And we really really don't need any more rain. And the forecast for tomorrow is thunderstorms and more rain - 'torrential' rain this time.

Is there anyone out there who can do an anti-rain dance?

Or someone who knows a way to send all this to some country that really needs it - that would be wonderful. Again, to all those who have asked - right now, we're fine - but spare a thought for the people of places like Tewkesbury (see pic) who are totally cut off. At least now they have their electricity restored but - here's the awful irony of this situation - they have all that water everywhere - and no fresh water in the taps to drink!

The water from the rivers further North is now heading south as the floods drain away slightly - so the next risk is the Thames apparently. And these are now officially the worst floods on record - worse than 1947 which was previously 'the worst'.
Yeuch! So to cheer ourselves up - let's have some good news.

In a change to my normal pattern of posting Guest Blogs up here, today I'm the guest blogger over on Donna Alward's blog while Donna relaxes - hopefully in the sun - and does some catching up on her reading while on holiday with her family.

And guess what I'm blogging about - the Great Big Blog Party of course! You've all made this such a wonderful success that I keep hearing from people who say 'Your Great Big Blog Party ' is going brilliantly - everyone's talking about it. And the numbers on my stat counter are going through the roof - so thank you again to everyone who has been a Guest or visited or entered a giveaway contest.

And there's more still to come . . . . The guests keep on sending me posts and offering prizes - they just keep coming - Just like the rain . . no - we're not going to think about the rain any more! But I just hope I can get to Wales at the end of the week. I'm heading for Caerleon Writers' Holiday - and you know how much the BM and I love our week there. So we're praying no roads are closed or places flooded en route.

And finally in some Book News -

If anyone didn't manage to get their hands on a copy of Their Secret Baby when it was published back in 2004 when it was first published then it's being reprinted in a 3 in 1 By Request bestellers anthology by Mills & Boon in August in the UK.

And the cover is really rather nice - unlike the first UK edition which was affectionately known in this household as The Headless Wedding.

Which do you prefer? I like the colours and the photo on the reprint much better - and there's no rain in the picture.

There's no rain on The Headless Wedding either - but that's about all you can say in its favour!


Rachel said...

I agree with you Kate, the colours on the reprint are much nicer and have a lovely summery feel.
As you have said, we in the UK are heading for just about all the 'worst ever's that a summer could throw at us, so thank goodness for my nice big (dry) pile of unread Mills and Boon! I really do think it will go a long way on the sanity preservation front. Sun,sea, exotic locations,fabulosly gorgeous heroes. Sighs of pleasure...
Glad you're still dry!

ilona said...

I agree Kate - the reprint is so much better. The colours are nice and bright and at least the picture matches the title :)

As for the trip to Caerleon - I hope it goes well for you but I don't hold up much hope.

Wales is getting as much torrential rain as the rest of the UK, just watched at the news about the Royal Welsh Show (and all that mud!!)so I am thinking it is a dicey thing travelling anywhere right now in the UK :(


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