Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kate Bit - Celebrations, Charts and Covers

The Great Big Blog party is still going on - I'll be posting another Guest Blog in a moment. And it looks like we'll be partying right to the end of this month as well! Which means that the celebration for the publication of The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge will be going on right through the two months it's been out in UK, USA and Australia. So that's fantastic.

And something else that's still going on is the poll for your Top Five favourite Kate Walker titles. Voting on this poll has slowed down a bit so can I just remind you that if you haven't voted please send in your vote! You're in with a chance to win a signed book if you do. Email me with your Top Five titles in order of preference and if Sid picks your name then you'll win.

At the moment the result for the Top Ten looks like this:

1. The Italian's Forced Bride
2. A Sicilian Husband
3. The Antonakos Marriage
4. Desert Affair
5. The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife
6. The Sicilian's Wife
7. 12 Month Mistress
8. Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride
9 Wife For A Day
10. Bound By Blackmail

Is your favourite there? If not, why not send me a vote for it and maybe you'llsee it in the next chart I publish.

Interesting to see that although it's only been out a couple of months, the other Sicilian Brothers book - Guido's story (Sicilian, Husband, Blackmailed Bride) - is already in the Top Ten at #8. It makes me wonder what might happen when you've all read Vito's story this month - would that jump right in there too?

And finally, the current book(s) are still on sale, but publishing being the way it is, I'm already looking forward to the next couple of titles. I have just dealt with proofs for the March 2008 book (Spanish Billionaire; Innocent Wife) and the hardback library editions of November's The Greek Millionaire's Unwilling Wife arrived in the post the other day. I realised that I've put the cover up in the slide show in the sidebar, but not actually shown it to you all here - so here it is:

Knowing the scene that my editor had asked for I had hoped that it would be a good cover and it is. I'm really happy with it.
What do you think?


Donna Alward said...

I think it's HAWT. ;-)

Dena said...

Hi Kate I like it a lot,the background is so beautiful


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