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Great Big Blog Party 47 Bernardine Kennedy

Today's guest blogger is another friend I've gained through the RNA - specially the Conferences. But I was 'introduced' to her before that when another of my bloggers, mutual friend Lesley Cookman, told me about the publication of Bernardine's first book - Everything is Not Enough in 2001.

On Lesley's recommendation I bought the book and was hooked. I think it was the following year that I met Bernardine herself. She was also one of the authors who was happy to meet up with my Virgins in the Meet an Author arrangement. And we've managed to keep meeting enough at Conferences to keep up to date - just.
And after this year's conference guess where a copy of her latest book Old Scores is - on my TBR mountain

It was at this year's conference that I have to give Bernardine the credit for finding the most fascinating story in the weekend papers. That was the one about a psychiatrist who in court for having an unsuitable relationship with one (or perhaps that should be 3 ) of his patients. The lady had multiple personalities and he had a different relationship with each one. As writer, my mind was teeming with possibilities for a getting a book out of that - but I don't think it would fit into Modern Romance.

I'd offer good odds that Bernardine could manage it though.

Oh yes- and, Bernardine - I'm totally with you in being Forever Fifty . . .

Bernardine Kennedy writes contemporary ‘gritty’ women’s fiction. Her first novel EVERYTHING IS NOT ENOUGH was published in 2000 and her seventh SHATTERED LIVES is nearly complete. PAST CHANCES is out in paperback in October.
So here's Bernadine Kennedy

FIFTY BOOKS PUBLISHED. WOW. That is some achievement Kate, Huge Congratulations, I’m completely in awe. No Work Displacement Activity issues for you then?50 is a milestone figure in anything, but especially age.
Once upon a time (!) 50 on the age scale seemed hard for me to imagine; actually it’s still hard for me to imagine but from the other side now! Do I wish I was 50 again? In many ways yes I do! 40? 30? 20? Not a chance.
Never mind 16, 18 and 21, I see 50 as a coming of age birthday, especially for women.It often heralds a certain freedom and the chance to be defined as your own person, even if the neck does start to wobble a bit! Yes, 50 is good.

Therefore I have decided to be forever 50 but, unlike Kate, I will never achieve 50 books.
Happy Fiftieth!

Bernardine's Website is at:
If you were out in the middle of the ocean on a life-raft which celebrity would you want in the raft with you and why? Who would you NOT want in the raft and why?
signed copy of Old Scores or in October, a signed copy of Past Chances.


juliemt said...

Hi Bernardine,
I've Chain of Deception on my massive reading pile and I can't wait to have some free time to read it.

The celebrity I'd most like to have with me in this situation is Ray Mears - I'm sure he'd find a way to get us out of this situation, and if not he could at least feed me!

The celebrities I'd like least to have with me are those vacuous footballer's wives, glamour models and reality TV stars - and I use that word loosely, although I reckon it'd be a good idea to chuck these insipid creatures on a desert island never to be seen again!

Phillipa said...

Hi Bernadine,

I wouldn't have Bear Grylls as he might expect me to do the saving...

I think I'd have someone who makes me laugh like Harry Hill.

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Ray Mears. My husband would agree with you on that... he's a big fan. I guess I'd be happy to have him if he didn't want me to watch as he did what he does!

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Hi Phillipa.

I still rather like Bear Grylls. I'd let him talk to me!
Harry Hill would have to get that very very awful shirt off before I could look at him!

Jan Jones said...

Which celebrity? Apart from Amanda Ross you mean?

robynl said...

I'd like David James Elliott with me (Harmon(Harm)Rabb from JAG on TV. Oh yeah.

I wouldn't like Gene Simmons from KISS.

ChristyJan said...

Tom Hanks ~ your question made me think of him in the movie CAST AWAY

I probably would not want Paris Hilton (that's not very nice of me is it?)

Virginia said...

Hi Bernardine

The celebrity that I would like to have with me would be Kevin Costner. He just seems to be a really sweet person. I love the way he was in Message In A Bottle. In that movie he spent alot of time on the ocean. He would get me home and if not I would get to spend alot of time with him.

The celebrity I would not want to be with me would be Stevin Seagull. He is just to cocky and I don't like him. I would just get mad at him and kick him out of the boat.

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Hi everyone. After problems with my PC yesterday I've got 'in' today on a different one that I never usually connect up with as its got my latest WIP on it! (I am virus neurotic)I didn't think of that yesterday. DOH.
I guess I have a connection problem. But no matter. I could read the posts, I just couldn't answer.
Thanks for the response, sorry I couldn't do likewise....
Kevin C is good, rather gentle on the eye?
And yes,maybe Tom Hanks would remember some of the skills he learnt?

Jan, Amanda Ross (R&J book club)would be okay if you were sure of getting back to land again. Maybe then 'the story of my ordeal' as top choice on the show?

My own choice would be Russell Brand... at least I would die laughing. Sadly Steve the Crocodile Hunter is dead... he would have been my ultimate choice.

I would NOT want any politician who may just bore me to death explaining why it was the other parties fault we were in that mess!

Again, congrats to Kate!

Lesley Cookman said...

If you were with Amanda Ross, Jan, you'd have to be careful not to bore her to death...

I'm so sad I can't think of anyone I'd want except a round the world sailor.

Jan Jones said...

Ah. Yes. maybe I'd better do a re-think here.

Dena said...

Hi Bernadine,
I would pick have picked Steve too,he is so missed by all. Next I would pick Matthew Maconaghy,not only is he gorgeous,he is very athletic and he loves to fish,the whole package needed for rescue.I would definitely not want any stupid girls[Paris,Lindsey etc..]or Joan Rivers.How annoying and worthless they would be.

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Thanks everyone. Shame about the daytime, it wasn't only me who couldn't get for a while which gave me a phew moment; I wasn't quite as daft as I thought I was!

Congrats again to Kate. Next stop 100!!

jenna said...

I would definitely want Kiefer Sutherland with me. Appealing in everyway as well as extremely adept at everything. I would not care to have a glitzy, fake star.

sabrina said...

I would love to have patrick Stewart with me. A steady dose of his presence would be uplifting and inspiring. A non-no would be David Duchovny.

anne said...

I would enjoy sharing time with Ron Silver. He is stimulating, fascinating and a great person. Someone I would avoid would be Tom Cruise as I cannot take a self-centred individual nor a pseudo personality.

alissa said...

My choice would have to be eugene levy. This actor is not only fun but has a great personality and a wonderful character. I would never tire of being with this inventive man. Someone I would rather avoid would be George Clooney. Too much of a pretty boy.

diane said...

An entertaining and intelligent individual - Martin Short. He would provide the diversion and interest. Someone to stay away from would be Brad Pitt. totally uninterested in this type of human.

ellie said...

MY ultimate choice would be Liam Neeson. Rather unique and interesting. Not at all run of the mill type actor. More depth. Would not be seen with Drew Carey. Full of himself and grotesque.

Bernardine Kennedy said...

Not George Clooney Alissa?? NOT GEORGE CLOONEY?? Pretty maybe, but what a way to fade away, looking at him!!

Such an interesting selection of characters!

I suppose I'd like two with me. One sensible celeb to try and get us out of a jam and then, as back up, I'd like someone bad to enjoy!!


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