Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great Big Blog Party 39 - Winner - and a Kate Bit

Well, Hunkthighs and Shoulderman got you talking - as I thought they would. I was so glad to see these two wonderful hunks back in circulation - it's been too quiet without them! Welcome back Clint and Troy!

I hope that soon either Clint or Troy will pick a winner of Anne's prize - but in the mean time, I have another winner to announce for you.

Elizabeth Oldfield has read all the answers to her question and she emailed me with her response :

I thought the responses to the blog were all interesting - and I agreed with so many - but my choice as winner is Yvonne Lindsay. I still have a copy of Mary Wibberley's 'To Writers With Love' on my book shelves, together with classics by Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Daphne Du Maurier. There's a wealth of literature out there

So Yvonne - congratulations - you win a copy of Vintage Babes. Please contact me - I think I still have your address somewhere but if you could send it to me then I'll be sure I have exactly the right one. (and for those who didn;t win Vintage Babes this time - I have a second chance to win coming up soon)

I too have a copy of Mary Wibberley's To Writers With Love on my shelf - on I was thrilled to have her sign for me personally when we both were at a Writing Day in Eccles where I was giving a talk. It's a writing book that's fun just to read as well as passing on information. I haven't read it for a while so I don't know if any of that information has dated since it came out in 1985 - but there's one thing that hasn't dated and that's her list of excuses (a 'Baker's Dozen' ) for not writing a book when you say you want to. Each and every one of them is dealt with and demolished.

And there's a point in there where she says 'What are you doing reading when you should be writing. Put this book down now - at once- and write!' It used to work every time.

Finally - thanks to Lidia and many others who have emailed me privately to check that the BM and I - and the cats of course - are still OK in spite of the deluges and floods that we have been experiencing in the UK -for ever it seems though it's probably ju st a month or so.
Luckily, where we live in Lincolnshire we are on the top of an escarpment and so safe from the waters of the River Trent and the electricity and the fresh water supplies have been fine so far - fingers crossed for the future. Many many people have not been so lucky and my thoughts are with those who are facing the ruin of their homes or are enduring life without power or fresh water. What a summer! Luckily today the sky is blue and clear and the sun is shining in it - so there will be a little respite from the rain and hopefully a lowwering of the dangerous water levels - I hope!

Perhaps we could send in Hunkthighs and Shoulderman to join the rescue efforts - I'm sure they'd be wonderful.

Any excuse to show the pic of these two great hunks!

And as someone over on the comments section suggested a 'towel-off' between Clint and Troy and another rather attractive Aussie - what better excuse for:
Hugh in a towel


Lee Morrison said...

Oh! Hugh in a towel! Whew! One sec, let me go look again... Yep, it's Hugh... Wait, I'm not sure if that was him...I need to go look again...

Um, I'm sorry, what were we talking about??

*Lee fans herself*


Anne McAllister said...

While I appreciate the thighs and the shoulders, Troy and Clint, I agree with Lee. The winner is Hugh -- every time.

The pic of the flooded fields is awful. Do hope you guys get some dryer weather sometime soon. Starting today, I would suggest. So hope the sun continues to shine.

Anne McAllister said...

Oh, and yes, Mary Wibberley wrote a delightful and insightful book about romance writing. It's on my keeper shelf -- except when I've taken it off to read it AGAIN.

YvonneLindsay said...

I've been grinning non-stop since Anne Gracie emailed me the news that I won Elizabeth's book! See, this is why I love Mary Wibberley. Not only did she assure me of excellent reading material and hours of escapism, she also gave wonderful practical guidance to the want-to-be romance writer in me AND she helped me win Elizabeth's Vintage Babes! I couldn't be happier!

YvonneLindsay said...

Kate, we watched more news on the UK flooding last night. It's just dreadful. The weather extremes are horrendous these days. All the best for drier times ahead.

Anne McA, and Lee, yes, definitely. As true-blue Aussie blokish as Troy and Clint are, Hugh is and always will be towel and shoulders above the rest.


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